Boat Pictures


The Venus.  While fueling up the dinghy at Marina Costa Baja we sort of drifted into the front of this big guy.  For a moment I thought about shaving, while viewing my facial hair on that front end mirror finish.  For those not familar, this is the yacht that Steve Jobs commissioned.  Sad but true, he never saw it completed.


Note the transom – KOREA.  This boat made it across the Pacific.


Another big yacht.


Pangas and RV’s up the coast towards Loreto.


Western Flyer – 1989 Defever 41′ Trawler


Fiddler’s Cove – sailing a Catalina 22


Some crazy rental boats


Memories from our first boat – a 1985 Hunter 40


Start of a sailboat race with no wind.


Cal 22 – Wounded Warrior Training – Fiddler’s Cove – San Diego Bay


37′ Fisher – An osprey built a nest aboard this boat and as a result the owner could not remove it.


A 2007 Seadoo GTX LTD – On one of our many Ironman type rides, Los Angeles to San Diego and back on a Sunday.


Tom at age 75.  Smallest boat in the fleet to sail down and get trailered back up.




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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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