Baja Bash and the Crazy Guy

Note:  I lost track; perhaps I posted this story on Facebook and not my WordPress blog at   If so, then here is the newly converted draft story.  Background: Around May of 2016, seems so long ago now.  I helped a friend in need baja bash his 450 Lagoon catamaran from La Paz to Los Angeles.

What follows is possibly the first story that came out of the trip.  Somehow it was still in draft mode on my blog.  Initially one blogging has greater aspirations to write but, somehow the four (4) hours on and four (4) hours off watches got in the way.  Yes, two of us so for every twenty-four hours x seven days a week x 17 days to reach our final destination, we kept our watch system going.  An incredibly slow trip best done on a powerboat.  Before the bash I attended a baja bashing seminar put on by Club Cruceros in La Paz.  Yes, go to seminars, purchase any and all baja bash books out there, talk to others who have gone.  Best of all get your boat and yourself 100% ready for this very much dooable trip.  As of today, I still don’t see what the big deal is if you at least set out with a proper weather window, time your arrivals (Mag Bay, Turtle Bay) and delay as required (we held back for three days at Turtle Bay) waiting out an expected blow.

Subject:  Baja Bash and the Crazy Guy:  Right now I clearly see him, duct taped, possibly spread eagle, to the ship’s mast or the rooftop cabin, or perhaps behind this catamarans navigation station.  Please don’t ask which nav station, these crazy cats only come equipped with one.  The crazy French guys expect you up top, in all kinds of weather.  (Later I found out a remote control option was available however, the skipper was too cheap to purchase one)

Some crazy guy whom I’ve never met, approximately nine months ago suggested to Skipper Brian that he should baja bash his way from Cabo to Los Angeles via the clipper route.  For those reading this story and not familiar with the baja bash – it’s an annual migration of cruisers and their boats back up the baja coastline and into US waters. Sometimes only the boats get to bash up as the skipper may have delegated his responsibility to a paid or unpaid skipper.

Crazy Guy:  Just shoot straight out and away from land, for say about 200 miles, minimum, then catch those trade winds that are sure to show.

Then about as crazy as a game of golf, slice right back towards land, like in  the old clipper ship days, before the invention of those twin Yanmars now housed in our stern quarter with those pods below that propel our propellers.

Sure says Skipper Brian we can do the clipper route.  The short answer is a skipper may say anything to get a live coherent human being on board; and assign him/her the dreaded dog watch.

Intermission while bashing up the baja coast:  The phone I’m now texting on, needs recharging.  I’m also hungry.  This is how we do it shipboard mate!

Plug in the ☎  and reach into the refer for a pair of hardboiled eggs.

Now back to the crazy guy story.  (Written on my Dog Watch)  Crazy guy not only suggests to Brian this route that he has never done before but, the real story is that just three days before he is set to show, the guy cancels. Just like that.

Something about a depressive personality mood kicking in. And according to Skipper Brian he, also didn’t like the idea of anyone else coming aboard.  What, he’s doing the baja bash for fun?  Hey, maybe the guy is right and I’m the real crazy guy?

“Possessing at least five times his strength, I turned to escape, but with a roar like a wild beast, he sprang for me.  I managed to reach the nav station but, our skipper was not so lucky.

My god! He’s starting to smash everything! If he gets to us he’ll take over the catamaran, unsinkable or not.  We need to confine him.  Quick, where’s the strait jacket or duct tape?  Even bound he still tries to reach for anything near his hands and feet.

“Ocean life in the old sailing ship days”

Written at about midnight while on my dog watch – midnight to four a.m. shift


Mulege Prison Museum Artist Picture


Mulege Prison, Torture room, ball and chain.

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