Road Trip Baja – Mulege Prison

Mulege/Prison/Mission/Road Trip/Car Wash

“A special feature of the town is the old prison. It was erected without bars. The prisoners could freely walk around town and establish or maintain families here. They just had to return to the prison in the evening. Escapes were rare because of the remoteness of Mulegé. Until Mex 1 was paved, the area was surrounded by harsh desert for many miles. All prisoners had to agree to assist in tracking any escapist and assist in their capture. Today, the old prison is operated as a museum.”  ….. and there was hell to pay if an escaped prisoner was brought back.  Picture this:  A twenty-five pound metal ball connected to your left foot by a chain and shackled onto bare skin.  Then to add insult to injury a small drip of water fell from high up above directly onto your skull.  This is the torture room that awaited escapees or other murderers that again murdered while in captivity.  The womens prison room had doors; they were stacked three to a room; the same space, men had single cells.  The mosquitoes were horrendous but, with hard work, the sleep of the dead comes easily.

Strange what catches the eye while on a road trip.  And yet, I passed many photo opportunities not taken, on this short road trip from Guerrero Negro to La Paz.  One on the pacific side, the other on the Sea of Cortez.

The happy and not so happy cows I keep a sharp lookout for. The free range roaming ones, the baby cows.  The road kill cows – today I saw one; or at least the hamburger part.  Mexican highways use the bull on a diamond yellow triangle to warn.  Gringos over the course of todays travel have also taken the time to add a pecker to this bull; also him peeing, pooping, puking and other creative sign art.  This sign warns of the free range livestock that may include but, not limited to horses, donkeys, goat, dogs and even birds.  The trees you see in the pictures above can also be considered free range.  Several have absolutely taken over the house.


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