Baja Road Trip – Day 3?

Is this day 2 or 3?  And why do I seem to always lose a day?  This morning started out with breakfast for lunch or maybe the other way around.  For the past few days we’ve had two meal days. Another thing missing that should come as no surprise is fast wi-fi at Marina Coral.

John thank you for the outstanding hospitality.  No down time with John.  He kept us busy.  Day 1 – wine tour; Day 2 – Hot springs; Day 3 – On the road again (Ensenada to Guerrero Negro


Photo of my first hitchhiker.  I picked a fellow hiker up just past my planned lunch stop at Mama Espinosa’s.  He rode with me till I dropped him off just outside the town of Guerro Negro.  This guy started his hiking journey from his home town of Zacatecas; one of 31 states in Mexico.  Near the states of Jalisco, Mazatlan area.  He is now on his way back home after making it as far as Tijuana.

What a great passenger.  Not even a peep out of him when I banked those baja 500 turns on a road barely two lanes wide.  Someways back it looked like they were expanding about a five mile stretch of Mexico 1 highway.  At the rate they were moving they should have that stretch completed in about five years.  The rest of the highway still does not have shoulders so pass with care.  At some stretch of the road through the desert when the temperature reached excactly 100 degrees I finally felt it necessary to turn on the A/C.  Took me this long to finally warm up.  (Wife, even if I placed you in a strait jacket and duct taped your mouth you still would’ve raised more of a ruckus than Eduardo who until recently was moving at about 3 mph.  Now 30-40 km over the posted limits and he barely grabbed on to the handrail.

Guerro Negro is named after a ship!  The original ship called the Black Warrior sank just off shore in the 1800s.   This town is also the epicenter when it comes to whale activity.  When I checked into the hotel (since the whales are now gone) the guy offers me an ATV tour from the hotel to the estero (lagoon).  Maybe.

Last nights dinner meal (Ensenada) was at a four star restaurant with a five-star view; we literally sat over looking pounding surf and car sized boulders.  I penned these words at nearly midnight.  Our sixty-three dollar meal split three ways included on the rocks margaritas, white fish ceviche, shrimp linguini and two desserts.  My camera still holds all the evidence.


Mama Espinosa’s pit stop for the Baja 1000.  I am now at the bottom part of the J.  And then the road starts turning inland.  Going through the desert the temperature hit 100 degrees and we started seeing lots of different landscapes starting with the Dr. Seuss trees.


The picture turned out rather well considering I grabbed the camera, turned it on, aimed it, shot it, all while moving at possibly 140 km per hour.  And then the boulder fields started to show themselves.  This desert is certainly entertaining and it would not be a good thing to break down in.


The amazing boulder fields at 150 km per hour.  Note the road.  No room for error.

Ensenada:  Todays road trip included a breakfast/lunch and then trip to the local hot springs.  We hiked upstream for about a mile before turning around and heading back.  Bodie dogs feet were getting too overheated.  To cool off John made her jump into the cool pool.  I made a great video I simply titled; Pitbull Fishing.  It shows John throwing a blue rope into the water, the pitbull grabs it, the fish fight ensues, and in the end the fisherman nets an old grey pitbull.  Our June day started out with temperatures barely over 60 degrees.


One of many water crossings as we headed toward a hot springs.

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