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Baja Road Trip Pictures

2004 Toyota 4Runner, looking good with a brand new paint job, new carpet, custom front push bar and led light bar.  Looks and runs better than new. The early bird catches the worm.  For those like me that miss details … Continue reading

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Baja Road Trip – Trip Report 6202016

Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan led the first round-the-world expedition, setting off from Seville, Spain, in 1519. Today, you and your buddies can almost do the same thing – except be the first to do it.  All one needs today are … Continue reading

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Boredom Explored and the Cruising Life

Boredom Explored and the Cruising Life Someone I know recently told me they were bored.  At first I thought, what?  Why?  Then I looked internally, then externally, and without judging this one person tried to wrap my head around the … Continue reading

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Baja Bash and the Crazy Guy

Note:  I lost track; perhaps I posted this story on Facebook and not my WordPress blog at   If so, then here is the newly converted draft story.  Background: Around May of 2016, seems so long ago now.  I … Continue reading

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Road Trip Baja – Mulege Prison

Mulege/Prison/Mission/Road Trip/Car Wash “A special feature of the town is the old prison. It was erected without bars. The prisoners could freely walk around town and establish or maintain families here. They just had to return to the prison in … Continue reading

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Hot Springs Hike, Ensenada Mexico

  This is one amazing hike, not only with a pitbull but, in Ensenada Mexico.  And the great part about this hike is that the hot springs is on the way back from our hike.  Doesn’t get any more off-grid … Continue reading

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Baja Road Trip Day 3

Greetings from the Baja 1000 pit stop at Mama Espinosas.  This place is worth a visit.  Earlier I finished a plate of grilled fish, beans, rice, salad, tortillas and an orange juice.  Breakfast and lunch combined.  If i could get … Continue reading

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The Road Trip – Baja Day 2

“That’s why I love road trips dude, it’s like doing something, without actually doing anything!” – John Green   Yes, I love road trips!  Period. Who cares when you get to the final destination.  Last night I dreamt about my … Continue reading

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