The Race2Ensenada

The Race2Ensenada is now on!  As the days recently got longer and the hot baja sun is now starting to heat up then so does the Race2Ensenada.  This figment of my own imagination sailboat and powerboat race is now known to some as the baja bash.  Why not make it fun! Give it a great race name like the Race2Ensenada.  Come up with a little sponsorship bucks, fancy t-shirts, funky trophy and let the good times roll uphill.

For those still not familiar with either term; this race uphill is just the reverse of another common rally that first brought us here – the Baja Ha-Ha!

Yes, we are still proud members of the class of 2015 (November) and still kicking up our heels, as to our great fortune, in experience, memories, and friendships made.  Perhaps one of the top greatest decisions of our lifetime.

Baja Ha Ha – Don’t recall or remember us? We were in the No-Comprende division. Sad to say that was not our chosen Baja Ha Ha division name. ¬†Were it up to me I would’ve chosen a¬†Mexican food dish or possible our own division like “Inteligente”, elegante, guapo or rapido! ¬†You don’t know those words? ¬†Then here is your lesson for today: ¬†No-comprende; means, I don’t understand; Inteligente, self-explanatory; elegante, same; guapo, as in mucho guapo. ¬†Tell that to the next Mexican male or female and await a response.

The class of Baja Ha Ha 2015 included two power boaters (Western Flyer and a Nordhaven 40 by the name of Maria Ellena).

Such awesome responsibility for us to accompany this amazing fleet of well over 100 sailboats, catamarans, some good, some bad, and some real ugly sailboats. What an awesome responsibility it was to keep them sailing in a straight line.  At times, like herding cats.

And little did anyone know or suspect that onboard the Western Flyer, a 1989 41′ Defever, we carried enough tow-boat equipment to tow the guacamole’s, chili-rellenos or even churro division entries.

Unlike some, we took about 13 years to plan for this rally. Why, we planned so hard that we essentially planned ourselves out of a sailboat (Hunter 40) and onto a trawler (Defever 41).

If you’ve ever done the Ha-Ha before or remotely experienced problems coming down the coast then just think like¬†Cap’N Ron. ¬†Shit happens, cough it up. ¬†We intentionally advertised for a sailboat crew aboard the Western Flyer but, wound up with a spry and energetic¬†79-year-old and his younger wife.

At the San Diego marina docks I met a 75-year-old from Colorado.  he told me his took just a few weeks to get ready for the haha!  Haha right back to you!  His sailboat was purchased in Wilmington, CA.

My mind easily brought up the Columbia River and in alphabetical order finally reached W for Wilmington, California.

Now I remember!  Wilmington, California is but one place on the west coast where old boats go to die.  Yes Virginia there is such a place.  Without much fanfare this 75-year-old going on 40 resurrected this $12k boat, threw in a crew with mucho promises and voila, instant Baja-Ha-Ha.

One of our very own crew celebrated his 79th birthday onboard the Western Flyer. And apart from a near mishap of him switching off our auto-pilot while trying to dim the auto-pilot screen, and almost putting us high and dry on the rocks of baja, this first trip for us was pretty much well, as his wife always commented, uneventful.

Children as young as toddlers are brought on this annual migration to baja. Then why is it that we hear horror stories about things like a broken forestay at sea, and in the middle of the night?  And of cruisers forgetting to pack spares like diesel fuel filters, food, water or pesos?

These are your true adventurers; of the free spirit kind. The type that live life on the edge and are just starting to realize that all those safety nets surrounding them via the US of A are quickly snapping off like a well-worn wind-breaker.  The Race2Ensenada should be a perfect fit for some.

Why bother with over prepping the boat but, not the mind, body and soul. Your boat, if you manage to keep the water on the outside will likely always know how to take care of itself. Or not! ¬†Remember what Cap’N Ron said!

How old is your boat? Did you resurrect it from a boat graveyard? And, is this a one way trip down?

Think again.

This Baja Bash can and at time does scare the hell out of the less unfortunates but, is a great source of revenue for experienced or inexperienced delivery Captains thanks to the notorious Baja Bash West Coast phenomenon.

So from now on let’s just call it for what it is; a race back up to the border; or a fun rally or race that we can now call, the Race2Ensenada!



About trawlercat

Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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2 Responses to The Race2Ensenada

  1. Dick Treanor says:

    Huge exaggeration, but anything goes to make an interesting story? I admit the situation (dimming lights and turning off the auto pilot instead), but being miles offshore and the boat turning right towards Hawaii rather than left towards the shore, somewhat changes your description. “apart from a near mishap of him switching off our auto-pilot while trying to dim the auto-pilot screen, and almost putting us high and dry on the rocks of baja,:

    That being said, I had a marvelous adventure with you down to Cabo and San Jose del Cabo (fabulous town). I wish that i could accompany you on your current adventure, the Baja bash. Look forward to talking to you about it and your comparison between the trawler and the catamaran. Dick


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