Race2SanDiego i.e.Baja Bash Day 1


Subject:  Baja Bash, Whale, Bonito, LaVentana stop, Sheldon2

There are no bad days in baja. Today just emphasized that thought. Yes, Skipper Brian and I on the INNcredible SeaLodge, a 450 Lagoon, we are on a delivery mission to Los Angeles and struck pay dirt thus far.

Yes, it is only day one but, today we saw hundreds of dolphins, a whale, Brian caught a bonito and we enjoyed a perfect Mexican vegetarian meal on land and saw two great friends and their beautiful home.

We stopped at LaVentana, and kayaked to shore on the calmest of days.

LaVentana is known for its steady kite boarding winds, so picture this.  Totally calm flat seas all the way from LaPaz to where we are now anchored. 

The fishing pangas are on shore, we can clearly hear kids laughing, playing on the beach. 

At 7:30 p.m. it is still light, a cool breeze, boat is at peace on an anchorage where we are the only boat; except for pangas heading to the fishing grounds.

David and I connect on Facebook earlier today as we approach the Cerralvo channel near La Ventana. He invites us to stop and anchor.

We can’t resist.  Immediately we are anchored and kayak onshore.

Earlier I spot the cell phone tower with binoculars, then the red and white cottage home that is a prominent land mark.  Never lived in, ocean view still on the market, high of 119k, low now of 89k and still no takers.  I want this house, to turn into a fire station.  Another story for another day.

  Thank you David for picking us up from the beach at LaVentana and thank you Kenyon for, as always an amazing meal. I like Mexican vegetarian, once in a while.

Thank you Facebook for our ability to connect without a phone number. 

Kayaks quickly loaded onto the car, and a cold drink in hand in no time. 

So, ask me again how much do I like the cruising life?  It just doesn’t get any better than this but, then again tomorrow is another day.  The winds are still calm and so are the seas and the belly is full and content.

Thank you!  David and Kenyon.  Your home looks amazing and your hospitality, as always is priceless. 

We took selfies but, not on my cellphone.  Here is an older picture now that Sheldon 2 is sold.




The INNcredible sea lodge, a lagoon 450.

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