Baja Adventure Machines









There is nothing from stopping any of us from firing up and taking the family or commuting vehicle on any road trip. 

During and after a baja trip machines talk to us, by way of what used to simply be referred to as bumper stickers. 

On this retired Canadian ambulance the story is far from finished.  On the Rover above  from Germany, their trip appears to be more defined. 

And finally, the 1957 Morris van, may one day return to life.  Wanted  a person with an eye for a priceless and timeless machine. 

A machine whose original mission in life started out as possibly a caregiver of life, a deliverer of bread or milk, or simply a local commuter, like the one you may now possess on your driveway or garage.

About trawlercat

Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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