In and Around Baja Pictures


So what is an Adventure Bike and why do I feel like I need to have one?  Can you think of a better way to explore our land base.  BMW likes to claim ownership of “adventure” but, after a little research I am leaning towards the 2016 Kawasaki 650 KLR.  Any thoughts?


To: Jenni & Ron – We will find one “made to order” for your new Casa ?   Quick.  What are you going to call your new home in Westchester, Florida?


Sheep Rush Hour in La Paz – On our way from the marina via shuttle to the Mega Supermarket.  Above:  Work crew trimming the median grass and non was wearing a red safety vest.


One of two of Patti’s favorite coffee stores.  This one will roast your beans that are hand select from places like Chiapas.


Don’t let these guys know what we pay for the breakfast in the US.  Here, a full breakfast with juice and coffee for (100 pesos is about $6 US)


YES, they are correct.  This place in Todos Santos has the best margaritas in the world.  And at $12 each you better believe that one is enough.


My new favorite Mexican beer.


One of those $12 each margaritas I talked about earlier, taking effect, after the first swallow.  And believe me, one is enough; two don’t walk, ride a bicycle or forget getting behind the wheel of a car.


Patti’s second favorite coffee shop in La Paz.



Latte and mini donuts – free dozen with purchase of fresh roasted coffee.


Local marina fish on their daily patrol.


The couple that sailed this boat for years finally sold her.  She has cork decks.  Initially I thought this guy repurposed his deck with what appears to me to be roofing tiles but, no, the entire deck is made from cork.


Cork decks and some great rope work.


How many in Mexico?


Answer:  31