Visit to La Ventana


Our visit to La Ventana.  Ever meet people you know you’ll possibly be friends with forever?  This now seems like the case with our boater friends David and Kenyon; who now also own property in La Ventana.  La Ventana is a small Mexican fishing village located on the Sea of Cortez, around 35 minutes southeast of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico and about 40 minutes from the Western Flyers marina Costa Baja.

The picture above is a table setting in their new home.  Later that evening seven of us enjoyed a perfect home cooked meal and drink, wonderful and interesting conversation that made the evening a day to remember.  So, what is all this fuss about La Ventana anyway?  Anyone into kite boarding or most any wind and water sports is instantly drawn to this place.

Some only arrive and stay during the short several months that a steady flow of wind fills the sea and sky.  Others are now taking a second look, building homes and staying a while.  The place has no fire department or medical center or post office or police force that we are aware of.  But, it does have a great coffee shop, restaurants, kite boarding schools, yoga, fresh juices and produce, a farmers market and just about any other basics needed like a mechanic, Oxxo (food/drinks/water) and Pemex (fuel).

La Ventana is a place where the view of the bay and the island off in the distance known as Cerralvo is a sea-viewers paradise.  If you are ambitious and adventurous you will do most anything you can to kayak to the island, or get dropped off and kite board back or arrive at the island and hike or mountain bike.

In addition to the amazing water scenery all around are large plants and cacti.  Also, colorful new beautiful houses, loose dogs, stray cattle, three a.m. roosters, warm friendly Mexican people, locals and part-time residents that instantly make you feel welcome.

Earlier in the day I was walking the neighborhood where every road is a dirt road.  Most are mismatched as to no rhyme or reason at all.  Suddenly I hear a very loud-speaker spouting a speech or commercial or ?  Then I make out the word tortilla!  A Nissan heads my way and stops.  The twenty-something year old beautiful Mexican gal driving is sporting some very large looking diamond earrings.  She smiles at me and in a confused manner we both finally make the connection.

In her front and rear seat are coolers full of fresh home-made tortillas, that she is selling.  I quickly in a gringo sort of way explain that I now figured it out – she smiles and then heads over to a home waiting for her arrival.  Next I spot a rather large jack rabbit and give it chase to a lot that is now listed as for sale.  I easily access the ocean view potential of this property and in my mind begin building.  The sun is now starting to warm up but I keep walking.  I spot another unique home under construction and walk around the place while the workers keep working, most ignore me as if I’m the owner checking the progress of the work.

“Tirar la case por la ventana” literally means to throw the house out the window, which is quite clever when you consider the meaning. This expression means to spare no expenses or to pull out all the stops – more or less throwing the house out the window!

So if you ever feel like going all out for a party you’re planning, or a work project, all you have to say is

“¿ Por qué no tirar la casa por la ventana?”

L i k e – David & Kenyon!



This brand new never lived in Cape Cod looking little home is on the market for a high of $119k to a low of 89k.  (First saw it on Craigslist for 89k)  I’ll almost bet that the for sale sign would come down if a $50K offer were made.


Let’s all walk down to the beach.