Paella on a Boat



While Patti shops at a mega size Wal-Mart like Mexican chain store (Chezrous?) I walk around the store and aisles.  Today I find an authentic echo en Espana (made in Spain) paella pans.  Out of the three sizes available, I purchase the medium-sized one.  Today, thinking that I would cure it for a future upcoming paella meal, I think I burnt it. Not a problem, this one may end up on the beach some day, over a driftwood fire.

For future shopping here is a basic paella recipe.  Absolutely no measuring involved please.

Toss in some olive oil in a pan. Add garlic

Next add chicken small cubed pieces and small cubed pork pieces.  Stir.

Add your bayleaf and thyme.

Add chopped onions & peppers

Add green beans and peas

Sauteed all of the above.

Add paprika, safron and seasoning mix

Add tomato sauce and white wine

Add paella rice

Stir, cook open face, do not cover

Add your chicken broth

Stir well,

Towards the end when the rice is cooked; add your parsley, pimentos, mussels, prawns, fish and asparagus.

Let cook, settle, then serve.  Enjoy.

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