Exploring Local Beaches

This mornings road trip took me in the opposite direction from the city of La Paz.  On the way I found a desalinization plant housed in a church modeled out of one in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I also found an off-road (suitable for 2WD SUVs that locals say leads to the town of La Ventana; and now count-em, eight separate beaches.

The furthest beach, Tecolote, is about 2 km of open white sandy beach with outstanding views towards the island of Espiritu Santo.  The advertisement on a palapa seafood restaurant still advertises jet skis for rentals and banana boat rides but, I don’t really think so, at least not for a very long time.

The prior beach that I came upon is Balandra beach.  This beautiful white sandy beach is very shallow.  Easy to walk right up towards a sandbar.  Nice palapas and it looks like vendors also frequent the area selling everything from coconuts to fish tacos.

The beach closest to our marina – Pichilinque beach is a popular place to go for some great fresh seafood.  There are kayak rentals and a small pier nearby.

The beach called El Tesoro is a shallow beach area and full palapa, umbrellas and restaurant services.

Our local beach – at our marina Costa Baja is truly world-class with an infinity pool, great paddle boarding area and all the amenities one would expect from a five-star location.

The Coromuel beach is easy to spot.  While on the way to La Paz, when you see the aquatic park with its six water slides and pier, pull over.  The water park is closed but the beach seems to be popular with the locals.

Now more about that desalinization plant.  I drove almost right upon it thinking that this was actually a church mission.  The guard at the gate was friendly and looked like he welcomed a break from guarding.  He told me that this desalination plant is near Tecolote Beach and known as Maravia Country Club Estates.  This is how they get their water. Apparently a pipeline enters the sea at Playa Maravia and continues out for about 600 meters.  The pipeline is also supposed to become a haven for the local sea life as well.  All the water plant hardware is housed in the Spanish mission that resembles one in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Now with all this new-found water the future plans are to make the desert bloom.  They have a start now as a beautiful development of high-end dessert homes have now taken a toe hold.  Soon championship golf courses, beach clubs and world-class hotels will follow but, I don’t know if we’ll see it in this life-time.   And, almost forgot, a brand new larger than Marina Costa Baja marina is expected to be built – and soon!


I saw lots of horse droppings but no horses.  Above, the road leading to the desalinization water plant.