Rediscovering WoodenBoat

On board our trawler is my collection of well over 100 books on anything ranging from “This Old Boat” by (Casey) to “The Boat Owners Mechanical and Electrical Manual (Calder) to a book simply titled “The Western Flyer” (Bailey) Steinbeck’s Boat, The Sea of Cortez, and the Sage of Pacific Fisheries; plus a great dozen […]

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More Bang for the Buck

Today I allot myself one “rest day” on account of all that snorkeling and spear fishing; but, as of 5:00 p.m. happy hour, still hard at it.  This mornings agenda, after coffee, pancakes and listening to the cruisers net, is a sailboat winch for my trawler “boom project”. Above is Version 1.0 of what I […]

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Me – Cooking & Shopping

The first full day of the new year and it almost got away from me but, then I caught it.  Wow, I slept in till about 0930, woke up and soon made coffee and blueberry pancakes.  Funny how we don’t cook pancakes, we make them. Then my next door neighbor aboard S/V INNcredible Sea Lodge, […]

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