My 2015 Year in Review

2015 is special on account of all our new great boating friends; mostly as a result of our joining the Baja HaHa XXII, a cruising rally from San Diego to Cabo.  This is also the first “real” adventure that my wife Patti and I have enjoyed together.

We will always look at 2015 as our first cruising year.  A time when we developed the most friendships in the shortest amount of time.  Fiddler’s Cove, Coronado Island, San Diego, Dana Point, San Diego, Puertos Los Cabos and now La Paz.

Last August 2014, the Western Flyer sat at a marina in Portland, Oregon waiting until the day that she would safely arrive at a marina (Costa Baja) in La Paz.  Gary, aka Fred, one of the three that helped deliver the Western Flyer to her new home in Los Angeles has now departed on the great adventure of life.  Gary like others who have passed away in 2015 serve to remind us that life is short and precious.

2015 now finds me in La Paz and Patti in Los Angeles.  In 2016 we look forward to being together in sunny Miami, Florida, with family.  Outside now the weather is a cool 70 something and very windy and gusty.   In just a day or two it will warm up again and some cruisers will venture out onto the Sea of Cortez to find new destinations.  Yes, all the hard work, time and effort was well worth it, and If I had to do it all again I would.

Earlier my kite boarding friend and sailor Graham, who is from the Yukon tells me that his x called to say that his lab survived a rear end puncture wound from a wolf.  Apparently while out walking dog, a pack of three wolves attacked dog before getting chased away.  Now how often does one hear a story like that?  And at our recent cruisers Christmas dinner (39) folks from marina Costa Baja met at the local Italian restaurant . . . . .  A couple sitting by me are avid spear fishermen.  He shows me a picture of a black marlin that he recently spear fished in local waters.  Also to his credit are a variety of other fish including 200+pound tunas.  Everyone in this group is an adventurer in his or her own way.

Christmas eve a local boat Captain drives me to his mother’s home for a traditional Mexican pozole dinner.  For those not familiar, pozole is this traditional Mexican soup made with a variety of chile.  The one common ingredient in all types of pozoles is this white hominy bean and the preferred cut of meat used is pork meat.

As we pull into the neighborhood my first clue as to the party house was a disco ball red, blue, green, with purple lights bouncing off the neighbors wall and the ear-splitting loud music.  Everyone was extremely nice and in no time the piping hot pozole plate was on the table.  I was starving so, I quickly doctored mine up with the traditional sliced radishes, onions, limes, and other ingredients.

Before the evening was over I can now add to the skill set for 2015 the ability to talk and listen in Spanish as ear-splitting loud music blares on.

The Western Flyer served us well.

Thanks to the Navy Yacht Club I was able to give back a little by helping out the Wounded Warriors.


A little Catalina Island hiking.

Providing race support to Paul at the Jet Ski Mark Hahn 300 in Lake Havasu.


Helping fellow sailor(s) Tom and Nyugen (Win).  The smallest boat in the fleet, 19′ BlueBird.


Exploring new destinations and nature with Patti.

Planning for future destinations to visit.

We now just call this food.


Spending time with my great jet ski friends from LA to San Diego!!!!


A little hiking with fellow Los Angeles Adventurers Club friends.


Enjoy your year end 2015 and may 2016 bring you and yours only the best.

“I also hope that in this year to come, that you continue to make mistakes.  Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making and trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.

You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something!”

  – Neil Gaman

Happy New Year from Ralph, Patti & Lucy