La Ventana Project

I could start off by just saying that I got lost today in a Baja canyon.  Or, that I helped a fellow cruiser in need with some carpentry work on his adobe off grid mountain home, that over looks one of the most beautiful kite boarding beaches ever; or that three just over twenties-something guys and a gal hung out with me all day or …….  Just say that it was another beautiful day in La Paz paradise.

Today we hiked the canyon a short hike behind the property.

Day two of working on the adobe home.  Day one Shawn, Heidi, Mark and yours truly.  Day two Shawn, Heidi, Daniel and yours truly.

Shawn and Heidi from the sail boat Que Sera and Mark and Daniel from the sailboat La Crescendo.  Day one we stopped on the way back to La Paz at some off-road place for some of the best ceviche on this coast.  I’m guessing it was about 7:30 p.m. when we pulled off the road.

Our ceviche and beers were served to us while we sat on small plastic table and chairs, just off the main road on a dirt lot.  Each of us with our own blanket to stay warm.  La Paz is freezing once the sun comes down.  We started the day with shorts and t-shirts.

The ceviche maker whipped off a feast atop his red and white lid cooler.  Our options, a mixta, straight pulpo (octopus) or shrimp and fish.  Some crackers and tostadas to pour it on and Morela beer to quench the thirst from our earlier home projects, such as reinforcing a metal door, installing a propane tankless water heater or chasing away a rattler!

Photos above.  Our canyon hike; a rattler that Shawn was trying to catch, view from the property.

Day two dinner was more of a treat in the town of Ventana in an open air restaurant – about ten minutes away from the property.

Ventana is apparently known the world over as a place for their mango margaritas and beautiful sunsets but, most importantly for the kite surfing.  Unfortunately for us, we missed the sunset but, made up for it by enjoying the great margaritas.  Everyone started off with the guacamole and then progressed to the chili regello stuffed with shrimp or fish.

Shawn and Heidi at our ceviche stand.  Oh, and did I not yet say that the day before we motored over on the Western Flyer with the sailboat Crescendo to Isla Espirito Santo.  Our first island outing and it only took three-hour to get there.  We anchored in less than 20 feet of crystal clear water.  We paddled boarded over to the island and found a foot deep of nothing but seashells.  And then, right around 5 p.m. the wind started to increase, the surf began to build up, and we were on a lee shore.  In no time flat we pulled up anchor and made our way out of there and back to La Paz.

No – this former PCT hiker does not get lost, just a little misoriented.  My hiking friend Rick and Shane would’ve given this place today a 10.  This canyon hike had it all, even a waterfall.  Sorry for not getting more great picture.

We only missed our turn from down in the canyon that took us a bit further from our cattle trail down and ended up back on the main road.


The love birds.


This post would not be complete without my posting a picture Shawn’s first – caught, by her on the way to the island.