Magical City – Todos Santos

Todos Santos lies inland along the pacific coast of Baja, and I am sure that there are miles of beautiful white sandy beaches to explore but, today we never saw any.  A full day was spent with our friends Jim and Amy exploring this “magical” town of Todos Santos; so sorry that Jeff and Deanne were not able to join us.

For anyone interested, the city of LaPaz is a great start point for excursions to a number of places all around.  Today, Todos Santos was our target town, known as a Mexican magical town; one of hundreds given this designation.  The shuttle bus ride there and back is cheap, the food fantastic once you arrive and the shopping along well worth the trip.  Take a look at some of the amazing pictures and you can why this little city seems to have it all; surfing, fishing, whale watching in nearby Magdalena bay and a great place to spend the day.

Our last major stop before the uneventful ride back is Tequilla Sunrise!  One margarita of which there are many varieties to select from will set you back a minimum of $8 US but, cannot be matched anywhere else.  We opted for the Diamana Margarita.  Apparently the Mexicans of the past viewed this liquor as an aphrodisac and according to our waiter it is one of the most popular.

Add to that a great guacamole plate with several sauces, pico de gallo, chips and you can while away the entire afternoon just sitting there people watching or visiting the adjoining Taxco silver stores.  Before the margaritas arrived there is the Hotel California (said to be the inspiration for the Eagles song) right across the street, the leather, Taxco silver, galleries and just plain old sightseeing all over town.

Our self guided tour pretty much followed the Baja Map provided.  You get the new with the old, the broken down with the over the top and can easily see the why anyone would want to settle in a small town like this.  Amy ended up toting around an entire bag of fresh guavas that a local artist gave her.  Guava is a type of fruit that the smell announces its arrival long before the fruit.  Everyone loves it and so it was guavas all around.

Yes, I could do this little write-up way more justice than I did but why, the pictures are worth the 1,000 or more words.  (Less than a five minute write-up and appetizers and drinks are now waiting for us at S/V Crescendo.  Courtesy of Captain Mark and daughter Meghan, the fantastic food Chef.

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