Dinner on S/V Millie J and Crescendo too!

Let me just start by first saying that if any land lovers reading this story think that we are roughing it, when it comes to food and drink onboard, you may be in for a surprise.  Boaters eat pretty damn well – most of the time!  About 95% of the time while on anchorages or boat slips or while the boat is stationary but, far less so while the boat is underway.  At least for this boat and crew.  And as far as restaurants go the word easily spreads as to which place is a culinary delight worth our visit.

Within the past several day or two, Patti and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to dinner; as in share, as in mingle, and as in socialize with our fellow sailors.  Even though we are trawler boaters (as in power boaters) we continue to fare better with our sailor friends.  Perhaps, on account of us joining a sailboat rally (Baja HaHa XXII)?

I continue to still say that sailors have way more fun than powerboat cruisers and it still holds true time and time again.

Unfortunately no pictures documented our great feast on the S/V Millie J.  S/V Stryder and M/V Western Flyer (S/V = sailboat and M/V = motorboat) served as guests while the one person we should all have bowed down to as the on board artisan Amy, continued to impress us the entire meal through with her culinary skills.

Like a well seasoned chef in a fine kitchen and from our vantage point around a table that could easily accommodate eight we saw her mix, chop, blend, fold a huge array of ingredients.  Quickly the meal came together and in no time we saw a delicious steaming pasta with a Mexican spicy flare appear.  Her husband Jim, up above on the barbecue, no different from at home, in the back yard, he was roasting zucchini and fresh cuts of chicken, fish and meat.



And then last night, as if the day couldn’t get any better, after spending a day in Todos Santos; we get invited by Mark (S/V Crescendo) to witness his lovely daughter in action cooking up a storm in their boats galley.  A full-sized galley on a 50′ sailboat is possibly similar to a kitchen in a 4,000+ square foot home.


In the picture above, Chef Meghan.  Again, we bow down to your amazing culinary skills.  You are the kitchen masta!

When Mark said drinks and appetizers we had no idea that the fare would also include, fresh ceviche, fish cake type balls, wonderfully cooked asparagus and a host of other side dishes.  Patti and I both credit Meghan with showing us how to shop in La Paz.  She literally escorted us from the shuttle to the La Paz Farmers market – all three of them.  And now there is talk about a cooking class by Meghan; sign us both up!!!

As if one market were not enough; La Paz has the Natural Market; the San Jose Del Cabo Organic Market; the Pescadero Organics and also the Mercado Bravo and Mercado Madero for all your natural and organic shopping needs.

Picture below:  Maybe a bit inebriated but oh so content.



  1. A deliberate mingling aid in which an obviously incomplete component of a recognizable finger food is served to one guest while its complement is served to another guest.
  2. A great incentive to socialize; an icebreaker, a conversation starter.

It just doesn’t get any better than this!