My 2015 Year in Review

2015 is special on account of all our new great boating friends; mostly as a result of our joining the Baja HaHa XXII, a cruising rally from San Diego to Cabo.  This is also the first “real” adventure that my wife Patti and I have enjoyed together. We will always look at 2015 as our […]

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Baja Grocery Shopping 101

Shopping for groceries takes on a whole new meaning this side of Baja; especially when all of it literally ends up on your back.  Imagine back home how much healthier we’d all be if we had to carry everything you eat – on your back!  Got dog! Get him a pack to and make him […]

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Kite Boarding 101, La Ventana

You can operate most any power tool, scuba dive, ride a horse, drive most anything, and maybe even fly without lessons but, please don’t try kite boarding without lessons! First, there is your wakeboard (getting dragged behind a boat) or your snow board, or your wind board, or your stand up paddle board but, the […]

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La Ventana Project

I could start off by just saying that I got lost today in a Baja canyon.  Or, that I helped a fellow cruiser in need with some carpentry work on his adobe off grid mountain home, that over looks one of the most beautiful kite boarding beaches ever; or that three just over twenties-something guys […]

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The Daily Script Show

Though we only stayed at the Puertos Marina for less than three weeks; while waiting out a weather window to La Paz; I fell in love with the marina and surrounding town of San Jose de Cabo.  Life at Puertos Marina in just over a week slowly evolved, in a good way, towards something resembling […]

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A Simpler Place, A Simpler Time

Perhaps it’s because of being a product of two large cities on both U.S. coasts; (Miami and Los Angeles) or perhaps as a product of the baby boom era; whatever the basis, I see now what people living in smaller cities and towns possibly experience, on a daily basis.  I now get a small fraction of […]

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Magical City – Todos Santos

Todos Santos lies inland along the pacific coast of Baja, and I am sure that there are miles of beautiful white sandy beaches to explore but, today we never saw any.  A full day was spent with our friends Jim and Amy exploring this “magical” town of Todos Santos; so sorry that Jeff and Deanne […]

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