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This morning, the road less traveled and some bike riding exercise.  Let me see if I can do an accurate job of describing this mornings bike ride.  People are still jealous of our bikes.  Not many cruisers were able to plan ahead to this extent by bringing their bike with them.  Those that did not have the room purchased fold up bikes, at a $$.

My end point today is at Marina Palmera.  This is where I ran across other cruisers from this Baja HaHa and years past.  Most appear extremely happy.  Immediately I encounter a group of six women, coming back from their yoga exercise class.  Deanne leading the group; some even embraced me!

I was taken aboard by Jeff and Deanne and visited with S/V Stryder for a while.  We got caught up and both shared the pluses and minuses of our individual (Palmera and Costa Baja) marinas.  My minus list was extremely shorter.

My exploration began on la bicicleta (the bicycle); a twenty-one year old Performance Mountain bike.  From our boat slip I headed south towards the marina office and then the closest boatyard.  Just a mere several miles away.

Just before the marina office is a Hyatt Place hotel.  This place is tucked way out here, sort of away from all the activities and amenities.   To be stuck out there, without transportation, or anyone to guide you, within the working town of La Paz, would not be a good thing; unless of course, one were honeymooners.


At the marina boatyard the guy behind the gate and I start a conversation.  It is still great and amazing that people actually stop, take the time to talk to you, are sociable.  This is what I love most about Mexico.

This guy now tells me and shows me their large mega size marina boat lift.  We just completed assembling it, it took six semi trucks to get it here.  It can lift possibly the biggest boat that Marina Costa Baja can accommodate.

Wow I said.  How can you navigate it, there are so many boats, stacked up on the hard, side by side.  “He says, I know”.  People that arrive here are old when they arrive.  The ones not cruising, get here, claim they gave it a go, then put their boat on the hard and fly home.

Soon they forget about boat, the cruising life and the dream.  Then the boat just sits and sits and sits and most of them can now be had for just a song.  So sad!


Up above, the marina of lost dreams and broken or near broken boats.  To the right the largest and newest crane.  The semi and trailer are also a crane, and there is another one just for catamarans.





Above and below is some of the scenery encountered on the way back towards Marina Costa Baja.  This is the road to La Paz.  Not easily walked and not easily biked, unless of course you are just one more notch up from a recreational biker.

In other words, you will pay your dues getting to and from one on more than one hill.   A few more rides to and from town and I’ll toughen myself up enough to not think twice about doing this ride.  Of course a motorcycle or jeep is easier.  Yes, I did plan on electrifying (electric mountain bikes) both our bikes before arriving here but, it just wasn’t in the budget.


This is a now an abandoned waterpark on the ocean.  I was told today that a boy died here and so soon after the waterpark closed down.  This is years ago judging from the delipadated condition.  There is a guard on site to keep the daredevils from using it.  Such a shame about the death or the water park shutting down.  I could easily see myself sliding down one of those tubes and onto the ocean.


Yes, I rode my bike up to holes 9 and 10.  No, I was not supposed to but then again this is Mexico and there are lots of things back home you are told not to do.  Here you just ignore the signs and do them.  Sometimes the dog eats you and sometimes you eat the dog!  A local expression.

DSCF4599 DSCF4600

Finally the malecon (all twelve miles of it start about here) and some pretty nice art work.  The marina Palmera is still a ways down this road.

DSCF4603 DSCF4587 DSCF4581 DSCF4582 DSCF4583

Gotta go, my dinner consisting of homemade split pea and a BLT topped off with a Victory (made by Modelo) beer – is now ready!!!!!  Hasta Luego!!!

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  1. What a nice surprise to see Ralph, all dolled up in his bike riding outfit!! Had a great visit.


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