Marina Walk – La Paz 2 of 2

This morning in twenty minutes my crew, chef and most intimate partner (Patti) finished her morning coffee, downloaded her (Daily Breeze paper) showered on board, got dressed and even managed to put on a pair of ear rings before the walk to board the first shuttle to “el Centro” from the marina.  Her backache is now lost history.  Poor thing suffered for a few days, with heat packs and ibuprofen.  Yet, in one easy yoga lesson, Amy was able to show her how to relief and even cure her backache.


These pictures do not do this market justice.  If you’ve ever been to the LA marketplace then you know.  This place is about a tenth the size however, there are three such markets that we fouind in La Paz.


I would’ve loved to have brought back some fresh corn but, one can only carry so much when one does not have transportation.

These days on board the Western Flyer it does not take much prodding when the word “shopping” is announced. Five people were already waiting for the shuttle, including our friend Amy (S/V Millie J) and Patti’s new friend Meghan from the sailboat Crescendo, an almost 50’er on our same dock.



You name this market has it.  This is the fish aisle.  There is also a meat aisle where entire animals appear to be in the freezer awaiting their appointment with the butcher.



A very interprising expresso maker.

Amy’s husband Jeff ran the five or so miles into town on this cloudy, misty, cool (from Hurricane Sandy) La Paz day.  One day I’ll mountain bike my way into this town too.

Our destination, the three mercados, (Mercado Madero 1 & 2 and Mercado Brado); or rather organic markets towards the center of town just up from the malecon (board walk).  The locals and gringos were out in force selling everything from home made jewelry to liquors to wonderful French pastries to Argentine and Española sausages and much, mucho more.  One vendor even had an expresso set up in the back of a modern mini van for all your coffee needs.

After some quick shopping we noticed that we still had over three hours till the next shuttle van back so we ate a little breakfast; met up once again with Meghan who then became our local mercado tour guide.  Meghan is the daughter (20’s something) onboard Crescendo.  She is fluent in Portuguese and also speaks good passable Spanish.  According to her it now seems that her fathers original dream of sailing around the world will not materialize.  He is now talking of moving the boat north towards San Carlos and possibly putting her on the hard before trucking her and selling her.  Sounds like a fire sale in the making.


We enjoyed a great omelet and fresh squeezed juice breakfast here while taking a small break between mercados.  When we reached the second mercado I wished that I would’ve waited before eating.  Next time I go for the pozole.


Patti waiting for the tattoo shop to open.  And right next door to the restaurant is a womans work out studio.  About five women were in there doing their morning session.

My little woman was totally lost at Mega Supermarket; even though the aisles are huge and full of every kind of food imaginable.  The meat and fish sections are, well mega.  Too much for this little woman who is a great fan of Trader Joe’s, Vons and Target back home.

The taxi ride back is 130 pesos (locals price) gringos usually pay 150-200.

But, enter the mercados!  She couldn’t be happier, almost  as if she found the nervana of organic shopping.  She packed my little REI Atmos 65 backpack with so many vegetables, fruits, cheese, a french pound cake, freshly ground coffee, sausage and even a kilo or two of fresh scallops.  If she figures out how to use even a third of this great stuff before it goes bad I’ll be 100% satisfied.

While enjoying our spinach, cheese and ham omelets I strike up a conversation with a local woman sitting next to us.  We spoke about the area, safety, and almost any topic at hand.  I mentioned to her that not that long ago my little woman and her friends back home suffered from an illness I’ll call Mexiphobia.  Judging by her now moving freely about without my company I’ll say she is 100% cured; her daughter, my family, and possibly some friends are still afflicted.

If we loved our last port of call, Puerto Los Cabos and the surrounding town of San Jose de Cabo; then we are really starting to like this place.  Just keep in mind that this is only our third day since arriving.  The marina is so large with three private beaches, infinity pool, tiki bar, about six restaurants, gym and all other amenities like laundry service, mini-mart, marine store etc.   So far so good.


Patti’s future beauty shop; specializing in tinting hair!  Not.


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