The Cruising Life – La Paz

Experience suggests it doesn’t matter so much how you got here, as what you do after you arrive.  – Louis Mcmaster Bujold


We arrived LaPaz just two days ago and now it already feels like home.  Why you might ask?  Well, let’s see, like a turtle we take our home with us – only our turtle is the Western Flyer.  Our new friends either arrived with us, were already here or, are on the way or at a marina nearby.  Take my friend John, on a 48′ Navigator – he was already here.  Even though we have lots of fish on board he loaded us up with a striped marlin he caught, and other groceries he cannot consume on account of a diet he is now on.

The first part of the journey from Puerto Los Cabos to Muertos – we got beat up by the seas.  It was constant bashing just like if we were doing what they call the Baja bash.  The bash is where you try to take your boat back up to California and encounter that head on current; this was similar but possibly worse.  The only relief we got was when finally getting close to Muertos – our night time anchorage, under a full moon.

Last night Patti opted out of going to town to see a movie, as a result of a nagging back and all the time spent at the infinity pool.  Earlier in the day her friend Amy (a former yoga instructor) showed Patti how to do lower back stretches, so today she is finally doing better.


On Thanks giving day John and I saw the Hunger Games in a five star movie theatre, in my opinion only second to the one we visited while in Bangkok.  I ordered the Bailey’s Combo, a panini style sandwich, potatoes, cracked kettle corn and of course Baileys coffee alcohol drink.  John had a mineral water and a Red Bull type energy drink.  In the movie theater we stretched out on our recliners with blankets covering our torsos on account of the ice cold A/C.

Yes, we do give thanks every day to our new lifestyle.  Yesterday was extra special on account of Thanksgiving day.  Neither of us partook in anything resembling an American style thanksgiving dinner; even though it was readily available.

What was accomplished yesterday?  The boat washed, laundry dropped off, and I even made the bed, the boat is now wired up for cable television (by me); we are hard wired to internet, and my wood worker shows up Tuesday.  How can anyone operate around here without knowing the language?  I’ve translated from everything to the local shuttle to cost of laundry.  Just ask me anything!  I’m super tuned in with the three surrounding boat Captains about getting anything nautical done.  Need that thinga ma jig that broke on the way – I probably already know where to fid it or how to get it.

The two slips given to us looked too tight for me to pull into.  I hung aroud and was quickly assigned one in the 50 foot range with lots of room to pull in or out. The first guy we met yesterday morning is the Chef aboard an end tie charter boat that departs right after the mini hurricane Sandy that is now due to hit or miss Cabo.  Just a two degree shift in winds and it hits Cabo.  Good call for us to beat into those seas during this last weather window to get here.  Can you believe it – Patti says its now starting to sprinkle.

Our new digs is (Marina Costa Baja) a mega resort with everything from five star dining, hotel, golf course, three private beaches, an infinity pool, bar, gym.  This is truly the Sea of Cortez with clear water and an abundance of fish everywhere.  About ten boats from the CUBAR rally, a good portion of them Nordhavens passed us up getting here.  The rest of the boat we know from the Baja haha rally that we joined in San Diego.