The church at Turtle Bay and Pedro






Pedro, the one armed (looks like a) pirate was just a boy when his father first started helping out the newly formed Baja haha cruising rally that first encouraged sail boaters to ” cut their lines” and sail south to warmer baja waters 21 years ago.

The young boy is now a twenty- four year adult who has since followed in his fathers example. He pronounces himself the official greeter at Turtle Bay and on this occasion was only volunteering at Enriques fuel dock. He told me he was born this way, with only one arm.

This small community with its pemex station, hotel, restaurants, and land mark delapidated former cement, silver mine or cannery from days gone by is the most visible land mark cruisers first see when approaching the anchorage by sea. Things have not changed much on the waterfront except of course when the baja is expected. Then the waterfront restaurants are suddenly alive with excitement of a bountiful year.

Pedro first greeted us upon arrival via the Western Flyer. I made an exploratory drive by to see the fuel pier and was immediately greeted by a one armed guy waving me over. He quickly encouaged me to drop anchor and back up so he could throw me a line. It was incredibly easy for this first timer, med moorer. Once secured i threw him a line and the diesel nozzle came my way.

Trusting that the pump is now zeroed and that the filters are good on the pump you start pumping. We took rougly 80 gallons per side. As a precaution to fate, oil embargo or as additional reserve for me or to help sailors I brought my own Ensenada filled Mexican containers. Three 15 gallon containers.


On a tour of the town with Pedro. Looking for fresh lobsters.


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