Organic Farm Day, CUBAR, Bike Riding

This Saturday morning is San Jose de Cabo’s organic market day. Our last chance to partake in this outdoor swap meet style market with food, handicrafts and live music. Last night on the boat was movie night – we watched El Jefe (Chef) a show about a guy who buys a food truck and starts selling Cubanos (pork sandwiches).  Some similarities to a couple of ambitious, creative guys I saw today with a pizza oven; making some amazing empenadas and pizza too!

We finally depart the San Jose de Cabo Tuesday for La Paz, weather permitting.  Over the past several days, power boats from the CUBAR rally have all arrived.  These are the big hitters.  Nothing much less in the fleet than say half a million.  Similar to the Baja haha these (30 power boats) started in San Diego and this year on account of weather, skipped Turtle Bay entirely.  Sad to say Pedro the one arm pirate must’ve been highly disappointed.

DSCF4367 DSCF4384

All the bike gear minus the patch kit.

DSCF4379 DSCF4385

A portable pizza oven

The boat near us (a 48 Navigator) told us that weather was an issue for the CUBAR so when the group tried to stick to their planned schedule, he left them at Mag bay.  A 90′ powerboat with a mangled anchor was just one casualty.  Others like a nearby 50′ Selene is having engine sensor problems whereby the engine senses problems that don’t actually exist.  No one but a highly trained computer equipped tech can fix this problem.     At least two CUBAR boats tried to dock in the slip across from us.  The first, a Monaco, apparently also made by Beneteau had large street sewer sized port holes on the sides, just above the high water mark, you can see through the boat.  I told the Mexican amigos that came to watch that the boat was also a submarine and they first believed me.  Patti loved it and I thought it was gaudy.  They gladly left when they could not plug in their two shore power cords.  The next boat that arrived, an hour later was a Nordhaven 43’er.  This was also a tank, just barely able to fit in the slip.  It took them just shy of 30 minutes to figure out that the shore power available was 30 amps and not the usual 50 amps that they needed.   Thank you Baja haha, so glad we cruised with the sailors!!

My Patti woke up to a backache.  Similar to my mountain bike that woke up with a flat front tire.  Somehow I packed enough spare tubes for her bike but forgot about mine.  I got creative and made my own bike patches out of the dinghy repair kit.  The repair is a success.  The first thing I did at the market is to head straight for the spinach empanadas and chimichurro sauce.

At least three glasses of fresh guava, orange, tamarindo juices later I sit right down to Ramiro the healer.  He tugs, pulls and stretches my head and spine back into perfect harmony alignment, at least, according to him.  He is a healer of all.  The basic healing is 100 pesos but for the extreme heal he charges much more but, cures all and can tell you and take away any aches or ills that your body has sustained over its lifetime.  Patti could’ve greatly benefited from Ramiro’s capable hands but, she is such a skeptic that he would not have even gotten close to her.

Ramiro tells me that the road along the market leads to Flora farms.  I thank him and ride on and on and on.  Pretty soon I start to see the airplanes on their final approach into Cabo airport from a distance.  This is when I decide to turn around. Next I start up another dirt road that leads me to a town known as Animas.  The guy says I went to far and the next road should lead towards the marina.

At about this time I am ready to give up mountain biking and put that 150cc Italika dirt bike on the short (Christmas) list.  Am I getting too old for this dirt bike pedaling shit!  After about almost three hours of pedaling, at times, on beach sand, that somehow qualifies as an unimproved road around here I finally hit pavement.  Almost three attempts at a short cut ends in a closed cul-de-sac leading to Jose the farmer’s field.

Finally, I find Martin on a one speed bike.  He guides me over towards the opposite end of his small world until I see Flora farms from high up.  Martin is the second recipient of the (paleta award) this award of at least ten pesos is given to any child (girl or boy) worth his salt in helping out this gringo.

Finally from high up above, I spot Flora farms.  Earlier all the signs pointed to Tamarindo organic farms.  Must be a nearby competitor. The cross up on the hill should’ve been my landmark to next time not getting lost.  By now I’ve seen the sign that changes color at night from every angle.

The down home stretch into the marina and by now, in the heat of the day, I am totally now spent.  More than enough exercise to last the weekend.

DSCF4402 DSCF4400

Flora Farms in the distance.


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