The Visionary, Flora Farms and Hidden Gems

In our short stay here in San Jose de Cabo, sometimes just walking on the sidewalk, we find the most unassuming restaurants.  From the street level the Tequila Restaurant and Casa Don Rodrigo appear rather small, unassuming, due to their front entry door and long hallway but, just step inside and the place suddenly opens up to an outdoor gourmet paradise.  Add to the night a bit of ambiance lighting, a savoring tequila drink, fresh chef entrees and you are there.


The visionary, if I guess correctly for the Puerto Los Cabos marina and surrounding area, as far as the eye can see is Eduardo Sanchez.  His name also appears on the Flora Farms project but in this case he was not the visionary that created this ten year project in the making, organic farm, cottages, restaurant and complete paradise.


Last night at the organic farm store in town we met the proprietor and tour guide for the Flora Farms.  He told us there is no advertising, most of the times it is by invitation only.  Today, we visit this place in the daytime for a tour and hopefully, as he indicated free food!  One of our cruisers from the baja haha has already taken a cooking class there.

Since I thought we were leaving today for LaPaz (my glass blowing class may just happen as well).

Background and Update:  Patti has taken a liking to at least two sailboat couples who are consistently watching and monitoring weather windows for LaPaz.  Their boats are modern and well built (an Island Packet 27 and an aluminum built 32′ sailboat) since they cannot sail into the wind on the way to LaPaz they will likely motor most of the way.  She wants us to stay with them – so, that is why we are not yet leaving.

Too much to see and do.  Looks like we may be at Muertos for Thanksgiving.  Muertos is not that far from LaPaz; sort of our last anchorage overnight before arriving in LaPaz the following day. The local restaurant will likely send out a panga to fetch us, the Western Flyer, Journey and Millie too!





We helped celebrate Amy’s birthday at Flora Farms.  They are on the way to Puerto Rico in this aluminum Seattle built sailboat.  We started the night out with drinks, then fresh break, a salad, outdoor oven cooked pizza, then we ordered (you won’t believe it – pork chop) they have three sizes, small, middle or large) a middle size can feed four people.  Sorry for not capturing the picture perfect moment.  Pictures cannot decribe this amazing place.  The night air was perfect, no bugs in the air, the music, the lights, ambiance, under an open sky.  And on a Wednesday night!  Patti heard from a local person that tonight was a slow day; since this morning for breakfast, lunch and now dinner, only 2,000 people visited Flora farms.  Our meal of drinks, fresh bread, one 12″ pizza and one pork chop and dessert was just under $300 U.S.  Pricey yes, but no other place like this on earth, it’s magical.  A fifteen dollar U.S. taxi ride on a dirt road that at times resembled the Knotts berry farm train ride to Flora farms.  Midway between the town of San Jose de Cabo and the marina at Puertos.


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