On Any Given Day, Italika Motorcycle

Yesterday I heard my first full blare on siren since arriving to San Jose de Cabo. Wow, these sirens really are offensive.  A full blare on running siren from a real  ambulance; stationed right next door to the bomberos (fire department).  And this morning Patti and I slept right through the daily rooster choir; could the offender have become last nights dinner?  Tomorrow will tell.


And our weather finally cooled sufficiently with this last blow this November 18th day.  Last night we slept with the Kona fan on and not the boats A/C.

As I rode my mountain bike into town and across the east cape bridge I heard what sounded like a marching band playing.  It turned out to be a group of eight with their band director leading them Ed Sullivan style; a one, and a two, and a …..  This camouflaged group resembled a cross between the U.S. boy scouts and high school ROTC cadets.  Everyone down below me on the bridge was blowing out a revolution type marching band song while up above, several more were practicing rappelling from the bridge on down towards the sand below.



I just wanted to buy everyone a Coke and start the round the world singing song!  This just looked like such a perfect Rockwell moment painting, a tear or a drop of sweat could’ve easily crawled down my face.

Revolution day came and went and did anyone take notice?  This Monday, a Mexican holiday, revolution day took place, almost everyone that wanted a day off without pay received one.  Our marina office was closed but the tourists were out in numbers so all the food and jewelry places stayed open.

The mostly all boy band played U.S. cavalry type horns that really sounded good, especially under a bridge and on soft sand. Even the “happy cows” strolled over to take a peek.  We refer to these as happy cows (the ones we see below) while riding our bikes across the bridge.  Happy cows back home are on a California billboard promoting the California dairy industry. Green grass and black and white cows eating grass boys and girls is a myth!  If you’ve ever driven up the five freeway, once you get a strong wiff of methane gas, look right and there be your happy cows.

In comparison, these truly are happy cows.  Each day they get to walk to work on a huge estuary, anywhere they want to go, surrounded by green grass and other succulents growing all around, a gently flowing creek full of fresh water and possibly some runoff from the city’s waste water treatment plant.  What more could a happy cow want?   Once while returning back to the Western Flyer in a taxi the driver almost smacked right into three black/white hugely surprised, according to the whites of their eyes, this time, not so happy cows.

Tonight we are invited along with another cruising couple to help celebrate Amy’s 50th birthday at Flora farms.  Amy and Jim are on S/V Millie, a Seattle-based boat on its way to Puerto Vallarta when the weather lightens up.  Flora Farms is an organic garden oasis built on ten acres.  According to some of the reviews the owners have created heaven in paradise.  More on Flora farms next time.  Hasta Luego (See you later!).


Should (we) buy an Italika?

How about it my friend John, up in LaPaz, since I know you are reading this.  Check this little street and dirt bike out.  No, it is not made in Italy even though it is called an Italika and not a Mexitalika; and no Amy; it is also not Chinese made and not imported from Italy.

What this little bike is, is a true Mexican motorcycle.  They have already manufactured about one million bikes, just north of the capital in a place called Morelia.  They are also exporting them to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and other central american countries.

These little bikes can be found near the grocery check out stands like Mega or Walmart.  A road bike FT125 version that displaces 125 cc’s and 12 Mexican ponies can do 80 kilometers.  The dirt bike version, a DM150 is 150 cc’s with 13.3 Mexican ponies can do 90 kilometers an hour.  If my calculations are correct then the street version goes for less than $750 U.S. bucks.  A Mexican pony is a faster pony that can put up with lots of abuse, similar to the outboard motors on Mexican pangas.  Why this whole country seems to be the perfect test bed for anything mechanical, similar to trying out a new weapon in the hands of a U.S. soldiers; if it’s gonna break then Snuffy will find a way to break it.

I also like the color choices; negro con amarillo (black and yellow) that’s it.  Similar to what Henry Ford offered in the Model T; he claimed you could have any color you wanted, so long as it was black.  The road bike version only comes in red.