S/V Blue Bird haulout, Osprey, San Jose de Cabo

This morning my friend Tom, the 75 year old sailor on the sailing vessel S/V Blue Bird, a 19′ pocket cruiser that recently completed the Baja HaHa XXII, (San Diego to Cabo San Lucas) dropped by for a helping hand.

He recently flew home from Cabo to Santa Cruz, California to drive back down his camper and trailer; prior to departure he made arrangements with the local marina, their launch ramp and yours truly to retrieve Blue Bird.

This morning after an uneventful trip from an end tie to the launch ramp (even though it is windiest day we’ve seen) she was hauled out and is probably on her way back home (on a land trip) to Santa Cruz, California, as I write these words.

Earlier I asked Tom if there was another Baja HaHa in him; his reply, once is enough!!!

At 75 years of age I believe that Tom qualifies as an adventurer for even the Los Angeles Adventurers club.  At Magdalena bay Tom told us about a sailboat delivery a friend was once making.  His friend on one boat and Tom and crew on another boat.  Overnight they became separated and it wasn’t until about dawn that he heard the calls for help from the other boat.

The gal on board mistakened the radar out put as land further out when in fact she should’ve been watching her sonar.  They struck land, the boat became stuck and in no time flat it became a rescue.  His crew mate tied a rope to himself and swam out to the other boat, in an effort to tow out the other boat.

The waves and wind built sufficiently so that his crew mate could not get back on board and now all three were shipwrecked, just a few short miles south of Magdalena bay, where the story was told.

By the next morning the enterprising crew mate found his way into town and some locals help.  Sad to say the boat was a total loss but Tom; was able to continue home on his delivery.  In 1965 he says that area was considerably less packed with people.  He has always felt safe driving in Baja but, just like little Blue Bird, he is equipped to fix most anything should, what’s his name, Murphy, decide to make an unexpected appearance.


The fresh fish blood you now see on the mast of Blue Bird is from this morning; a local osprey likes to fish daily and just loves sailboat masts.  This morning Blue Bird got the official wave off from the osprey with a fresh fish kill.  Every morning since arriving I enjoy watching the pelicans, white herons and an occasional osprey plunging down on all the bait fish in the marina. I do have video footage of them doing so however, posting video on wi-fi takes forever, maybe I can do it at La Paz.


(For an additional story on Blue Bird and her crew scroll over to the right of my home page; find the topic heading Baja Haha XXII and look for the Blue Bird original story).


Spanish lesson for today that I recently taught Tom is:  largo – Largo translates to long

Corto:  Corto means shorter or short.

On his way down from La Paz Tom told me he saw a sign that pointed to two roads; one said largo and the other said corto.  Tom took the largo road and he said it took forever however, the scenery was fantastic.  He believes he cut through a biosphere type park whose roads meandered throughout the entire area.

A Spanish translated word here or there seems to help out quite a bit.  Take for example at the Bank this morning.  I was in line for one of four ATM machines; two of which are working.  I quickly said something but, before I could stop him, the gringo inserted his card in the no-line ATM machine.  In no time flat that machine ate his card and would not give it back.   Could no one in line at that particular ATM have been a first clue?

After helping Tom out I rode my bike over to the marina office to drop off our rental car keys.  We used the rental car yesterday to restock at Costco, Walmart, Mega and an organic store, that a local realtor recommended.  The organic store was a hit with Amy (S/V Millie) and Patti.

We ordered fresh organic cook to order food from the deli in the rear of the store, and enjoyed the wonderful fixings, on a table in the front of the store.  I almost forgot to mention the Mexican Home Depot store.

Just like back home except with a Mexican twist.  Everyone in the store is very helpful and the hardware items are very easy to find.  Amy had them cut up a half sheet of plywood and some pvc pipe for a boat project or two.

What you don’t see here though is a bunch of gringos in the parking lot waiting to get picked up by a Mexican to help them work on their do it yourself home project.  Been there, done that!

Once I arrived back to the Western Flyer; two divers are down below cleaning my bottom.  The lead guy removes my zincs while the apprentice watches.  My zincs are totally shot and almost worn down to nothing.  I have a set of two spares on board but the ones that came off use a different size bolt.

So, without needing to McGyver the new zincs to fit the old bolts I head off on my bike to town and over to the Ferr Mar (Ferr is short for ferreteria; i.e. hardware store and Mar you should know (means ocean).

This place is the local fishing store about as close to a West Marine as you are going to find.  It is on the way to the Mega Store.  I purchase my bolts, nuts and washers here and then pick up Patti’s ibuprofen.

Yesterday she threw out her back and has hobbled around today only on Advils.  Next I stop at a locals (best Fish Tacos in Cabo) place.  I order the pappa regena (stuffed potatoe).  Not quite like the one I was expecting from back in Miami, Florida but, not bad either.

This one is a bowl full of potatoes, cheese and carne asada steak in small chunks.  Another layer or two of potatoes, cheese and carne and this is your order.  You then walk up to the salad bar and add to it cucumbers, or a combination of eight different salad type sauces, friend onions and jalapeno poppers and this is a full meal deal.  Top it off with a Victoria (new beer I found made by Modela) very good.

Eat and then ride the bike back about two miles back to the marina; and it just doesn’t get any better than this.

S/V Blue Bird haul out, Osprey, San Jose de Cabo


What you see in the picture above is heavenly mall food.  The menu is very small, tacos, tortas and this black bean, white rice and meat chunk delicious soup or stew.  If your idea of American food is hot dogs, pizza, spaghetti or ?  You may not care for it.  But, if you are into the adventurous tastes where other cuisines are what you savor, then you may find this type of food in Miami or a local Argentine restaurant.  The juice is called jamaica, (not Jamaica but pronounced haaaaamiiiiiiicaaaaaaa; and guess what even Patti (the super gringa) likes it too!  Who knew.


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