The Sport Fisherman Boat

The Sport Fisherman Boat

The Sport Fisherman boat is the jet ski boat of the open ocean.  On our approach to Cabo roughly about 140 of these boats were headed our way.  Unbeknownt to us the Bisbee Sport Fishing tournament was in action.  I don’t know the entry fee but, it is not uncommon to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for landing the correct size fish.  Around us now are numerous sport fishing boats in various sizes by various makers such as Hatteras, Riviera, Cabo and more.  This sport boat comes in many sizes but, for serious offshore cruising, fishing and entertaining the bigger the better, and if you have a choice the ones with paid crew are usually the best of the best.  These boats are serious about fishing and their crews are competitive as hell.  Everything money can buy is usually already on board.  A paid crew is always nearby and every morning I see the amigos drying and rubbing the boats out.  Why they probably receive about as much attention as a well pampered thoroughbred race horse.


In one of the pictures below our friend Mark is giving us a tour of a 60′ Hatteras.  He promptly shows me the part I care about; the engine room where a $50k plus transducer forward seeing sonar unit that goes down like a periscope is highly visible.  Up above on the fly bridge; something that resembles the starship enterprise, by the push of a button opens up a dinner size table display of every type of chartplotter, radar and info seeking screen that $$ can buy.  Below you also see the twin 1800 horsepower diesel Cummings engines that can move this baby as fast as you want to see the fuel gauge drop.

Thanks Mark for the tour of Lures Jewel and the fresh fish!


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