The show stopper

Fixing things that break on the way and what is a show stopper?   S/V Sheldon 2 where are you?  Patti and I first met these two guys at Fiddler’s Cove, Coronado Island.  They were the party boat and the beautiful catamaran on the guest dock, just in front of us on the guest dock.

Both of us were in our final days of getting ready to join the fleet of the sailboats heading to Cabo, with stops in Turtle Bay and Mag Bay.  When we got to Turtle Bay I quickly found out that S/V Sheldon 2 had turned around and headed back to (we think San Diego) as a result of a busted water tank.

So, what is a show stopper?  When you have three water tanks does one make it a show stopper?  When you have two engines is the loss of one a show stopper?  Is the loss of an alternator a show stopper?  It wasn’t for the smallest boat in the fleet who lost his alternator coming into Mag Bay.  Sad to say that unlike the Western Flyer and other larger boats he did not carry a spare.


If the drawing above frightens anyone who now owns a diesel powered boat then perhaps you are not ready for a trip like the Baja haha.  There are many things that can and do go wrong but the best time to find out is in the safety of U.S. waters.  Everywhere north of San Diego is a safety net just waiting to catch you and save you from anything boaters can do to screw up.  Run out of fuel, or an uncharged battery or wrap this or that around a propeller or break a finger doing something stupid or?  Now is the time to work on that learning curve.  Also having a set of tools and reference books onboard makes it way easier.


Need A/C?  If you didn’t plan ahead in San Diego then now is not the time to start sweating over not having A/C.  Take for example tonight; we enjoyed a lovely dinner of freshly caught tuna, salad, zukkini, white rice, black beans, and wine aboard the Western Flyer with Jeff and Amy of S/V Millie.

The evening was hot, muggy and humid.  We fired up that A/C unit and all was now great with the world.  Even scotty dog Lucky B. was content to sit in an environment suited for humans.  Today is November 14, 2015 – yes it is hot in San Jose de Cabo.



And now kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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