Baja haha 2015 Recap Info for first timers

Baja haha 2015 – If you one day or a future year  interested in also joining the Baja haha then start by downloading the free First Timers Guide.   The dates may vary little but, our class date (XXII annual)  took place Oct 27 – Nov 7th and the cost to join is $375.00.  Was it worth it to be in company of 100+ sailboaters when we are one of two powerboats;  you bet.   Sailors are way more fun.   Everyone is sociable,  friendly,  well-travelled,  and we easily become instant friends, in the shortest possible time.


Leg 1 for us started at Ensenada to Turtle Bay at a distance of 282 miles at 7 knots, we used an aDSCF3401average of 1.4 gph actual useage, approximately 40 hours of motoring or i.e. two nights of motoring.

Leg 2 starts at Turtle bay to Bahia Santa Maria also known as Mag Bay. I carried an extra 45 gallons of diesel fuel in three 15 gallon Mexican jugs; these jugs came from LaPaz on a catamaran that I met in Los Angeles.  The guy sold me all three for $15.00.  He also sold me his secondary anchor for $65.00.

240 n/m 30 hours per the Fubar rally  (google fubar or cubar rally to learn more)
Departed at 0700 Saturday to Sunday arriving at anchor at around 1100.  Approximately 32 hours of motoring.  Turtle Bay is where we obtained fuel and Mag Bay is where we kicked back enjoyed the scenery and waited for the pangas to take us to the beach party.

leg 3. Bahia santa maria to cabo san lucas. 180 miles – the final stretch.
Departed with the fleet at 0700 (the weather was windy for the sailors) on Wed and arrived the following morning at Cabo at around 0700 kept motoring for another 20 miles north to Puerto Los Cabos.   The best marina that we have stayed in since leaving Portland,  Oregon is Puerto Los Cabos.


Trip total for the Baja HaHa is 767 roughly or under 800 miles.  Most boats can do this.  This year a 19′ sailboat by the name of BlueBird did the trip.  The second smallest boat was an Island Packet 27′.  The largest boat is a catamaran 65′; the next largest I believe is a monohull 52′.

The second powerboat in the fleet is a Nordhaven 40′ boat; truly an icebreaker type and us; truly of the Woody class.