French bakery, glass blowing and a haircut

French style bakery, glass blowing class and haircut

My first haircut in the new country of San Jose de Cabo. Amazingly the price is comparable to a haircut in Thailand. Half a years haircut here for the price of one haircut back home. You sit right down in a one stool beauty salon shop that also does nails; and after cleaning up the total bill is less than $3 bucks. Perfect haircut, ears trimmed and nose just right according to Patti, my over tipper. Must have something to do about having two hair stylist in the family. Patti is still in search of a pedicure! The last one in the area was shut down by hurricane Odille.

Two years ago we must’ve stumbled onto this newly opened french style bakery because, today we spoke to the owner while the switch from breakfast to the lunch menu. He shared with us that when he first bought the place the sale apparently did not include pots, pans or silverware.

Must be a Mexican thing because it was not included in the sales contract. Buyer beware, then after some other half starts hurricane Odille hits. Fast forward two years later and they are now unveiling a new menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner tapas starting tomorrow. The place is buzzing with activity and the food could not be any better. This week we make it to art walk. On Thursday the streets are closed down. The art galleries put out free sangria and local wines for those stoppping at their galleries.

We look through the window and see four pastry chefs making everything from donuts to croissants. One is now cracking eggs and separating the yolk from the whites. The rest of the story goes is that the owner divorced his wife, who now stands a mere few feet from us. She apparently has no problem with the arrangement. He bought her this bakery to keep her busy so that he could SAIL and FISH!

Both appear to be great people with a passion for great, not good, bakery goods and helping the Mexican economy here in San Jose de Cabo. Definitely an anchor place for years to come.

Now how often does one drop by a glass shop and get invited to actually learn how to blow glass. And for a cost of $15 US. Later this week I am going to be making my own coffee drinking cup and if it doesn’t take me more than an hour to make the Western Flyer cup then the next hour I will be making my own beer stein too. Now how cool is that. Glad to say most of these experiences are as a direct result tof actually stopping to talk with the locals in their native language.

Speaking of talking with people. Yesterday morning I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up and just at day break I started paddling my stand up paddleboard. About two hours later I returned back to the Western Flyer. I met more baja haha boats in this marina than anywhere on the trip so far. Everyone had a story to share or an experience.

The schooner with tan bark sails is an aluminum built boat, home built in 1976. The couple on board have totally rebuilt this boat after the previolus owners declining health. For eight years she stood on the hard, next to a barn before he finally relented and sold her. Sentimental value can be a tough thing. Even tougher to cut your losses and let her go. We keep hearing stories with the reoccurring theme of sinkings or near sinkings.

One as a result of a cracked sea strainer cap. Now this is possibly a first. Another of purchasing a supposedly turn key boat in Mazatlan, for a great price, then heading up the baja coast, as she slowly starts to sink and fall apart. A $4,500 tow helped this sailboat make it to Ensenada. He commented to me that the bilge pump was wired to 110v; who would do that.

On the last Fubar or Cubar (powerboat rally in November, similar to the baja haha rally that we just finished) a 62 foot boat hundreds of miles from Ensenada, could not get her engines restarted. A chase boat ran from Ensenada with a mechanic on board. Once he reached the powerboat and made his way to the engine room he turned a valve that opened up the fuel tank that allowed the engine to once again sip diesel. So you see all forms of help are always available if you know how to ask or can afford to pay.


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