Baja HaHa Pictures


Profilgate – The official event boat with the Skipper and rally organizer known to all as the Grand Poohbah.  Today, a raft up was called to order (Magdalena Bay) and so upwards of 50 dinghies showed up (some like us with drinks and appetizers to share) as we tied up to the stern of Profilgate and played a few games and posed for pictures from an aerial drone.



What you don’t readily see in this picture is that a rather large cucumber or zucchini is making its way (feet only) across a field of dinghies, from one end to the other, remember, feet only and then pass it to your neighbor on his little boat.


On the other side of the field of dinghies a grapefruit starts making its way across, just as long as no hands or feet touch the magic fruit.


The Flyer (our dinghy) was now high and dry as low tide took away the water.  Patti and I are now ready to head back (Turtle Bay) to the mother ship – Western Flyer.

With the help of about a half dozen boys they pushed the Flyer back into the water and as you can tell they were happily rewarded.  All the boys wanted a ride but, we could only fit three with us on a wet ride back to the Western Flyer for candy.


Almost 100 turtles were sighted on our way into Magdalena bay.  Most did their best to get away once the Western Flyer came close.  The water was so clear we easily saw them from our flybridge as they dove a few feet down to surface back up again.


A great spot to sit and watch for turtles, dolphins, and whales.