Crew Day – Day and a Wake up





And in one picture a few Navy guys hanging out behind the Western Flyer before some night manuevers.


This morning crew arrives for more than one Baja haha boat here at the Marina at Fiddlers cove.  Last night it was the best send off party ever on the marina; not on the Western Flyer but on the catamaran just in front of us. And what better way to get your neighbors from complaining about anything loud than to invite us all. Two great guys plus crew who only recently brought the cat and a few yellowtail up from Ensenada. According to one great canvas work was completed at a fraction of the cost in San Diego. I also met and spoke to one of the part owners of the 65 foot ketch, directly in front of the cat and in our former slip. Thanks to him we have no shore power and are partly blocking the pump out station for say, anything larger than a 30 footer. So, today a few of us are invited aboard for a tour.

Thank you crew – a great read. Highly recommend it for a full history on this now famous trawler. So last night I was asked it I didn’t think we were cheating, just a bit, by making the run from San Diego to Cabo on a trawler vs a sailboat? Chocolate is not cheating, is it?

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