Two days and a wake up


Soon my crew arrives and this happy boat sails off to a road less traveled by boaters “Baja” but, first we arrive in Ensenada.   Just in time to celebrate a crew birthday, and of course clear in to Mexico.  Every landing should always be a cause for celebration and this crew has waited long enough,  so let the good times roll.  

My boat preparations work is officially over.  I am now closing this project boat project and certify to my crew that the Western Flyer is one well prepared and safe boat. Hard to believe my work started three years ago this February.  So, ask me once again how long does it take to get ready to go cruising?   How much time (and $$$$) ya got! !

I now know all her systems first hand and believe I’ve visited her ship bowels, on more than one occasion; we are now as intimate as any man can be with anything mechanical or antique as a boat.  And like back in 1940 when Steinbeck first set out on the original WF,  we will soon be in 2015 on our very own voyage of discovery.  

All remaining work in my opinion is now cosmetic in nature.  

So far no matter what port we arrive at, the WF receives compliments on her appearance; a record 10 in one day!  As I look around today her comfort level on board is noticeably better,  thank you First Mate.  It was her decision to add engine noise reduction matting.  Also to add comfy outdoor fish pillows on the flybridge and let us not forget those good smells throughout,  plus the well outfitted pantry, and medicine cabinet,  and new air conditioning unit for the crews comfort in the main cabin and v berth areas. 

If only she had say three more weeks what would she tackle next?   Perhaps a new SSB,  a marine generator or water maker?  Do you think I could delay this departure for another three weeks?   I think not.


So glad this A/C  project is now behind us.  

Yesterday and today the boaters talk turned out to be about “age”.  A certain Baja haha cruiser at age 75 recently bought a sailboat in Wilmington harbor,  just down the channel from San Pedro and it is now ready for baja. This once derelict ” his words not mine” is now in San Diego getting hauled out for among others things a new cutlass bearing.   Not bad for a $12,500 boat.  

I also added that between my three person crew and I we are 259 years,  not old but, adventurous in age and wise in wisdom. So, how old would you be if you didn’t know your age, or had to pick from 259 years, leaving the other three with the remaining years?  

It’s been great running into Baja haha boaters almost everywhere in San Diego.  We are now once again docked at Fiddlers cove behind a catamaran that is also Baja haha bound.    I’ve already been invited to the departure party tonight. 

Anchor drills earlier today.   Everything checked out.   Currently on boat power testing the system without plugging in to shore power. 


Took photo and video while anchored out today in San Diego bay.



The old believe everything,

the middle-aged suspect everything,

the young know everything.

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