Three Baja Haha Days and a Wakeup


The road or rather “sea” to Baja is magically appearing in our morning skies.   

My second day at the Police docks and it looks like a fair mix of “Jack’s” sailboats are congregating here with yours truly.  Jack-Tar is a name given a sailor around the 1600’s as Jack would tar his clothing in order to make them waterproof. 

Across the way you can see IMAGINE, a super Yacht.  Don’t know what one is; think someone homeless, now think you. 

Some are happy to have a trawler along their midst and pace while motoring.  Others I’m not yet sure.  Day two And completion of A/C install project then tomorrow back to Fiddlers cove to wait for my crew.

“Life comes from physical survival; but, the good life comes from what we care about.”

  – Folio May


Future Navy Seal in training.



Moving on to a new anchorage


0630 view.  super Yacht IMAGINE in the background. 

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