ABC’s of Marine Air Conditioning


Above is the museum quality control unit to the old Marine Systems A/C.  I tossed out the old (two) units three years ago in Portland. 


Fortunately for us the duct work is already in.  Several other ducts on the boat are for the diesel heater. 


Out with the old and in with the new.


New unit easily drops into the v berth and the New wiring replaces the old.


The new control unit for our 16000 btu A/C.


Day one – drop in New Unit wire it up connect the duct work.  While the Captain does his work I do mine; install the saltwater strainer, connect the marine water pump in the engine room, move the inverter to the right six inches to make room for the duct work.

Day 2 – Connect the hoses and test the unit.  So far so easy. 

Say goodbye to Captain Frost and hello to an air conditioned v berth and main cabin.  I wish all projects were this easy. 


Perhaps this screen shot shows a perspective on the total work involved and possibly why it is so expensive.

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