Final, Final, Float Plan, Baja HaHa XXII Countdown


During the course of this blog I’ve quoted and shared loads of wisdom.  Some maybe even classified as useful cruising information for future cruisers.  Now it’s time to share the grand daddy of them all.  Here you are!  “LISTO” Spanish word for the day; can mean “ready” or even “clever”, depending on the context.

“Work, expands or contracts, in relationship to the amount of time you have available”.

Were we ready to depart to Ensenada, Mexico two weeks ago?  Of course.  Only the two new alternators, stand up paddleboards, new six to one purchase blocks for hoisting the dinghy, (marine A/C for the v-berth – surprise!!) and a myriad of “new & likely improved” First Mate cooking gadgets would not have made it onboard.

If you know us you might say that this family really works well under pressure; in fact, we work and thrive on it when the timeline set is; sooner rather than later!  Same scenario, different adventure; while preparing for a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (i.e. Reese Witherspoon’s movie WILD – not about hiking actually (my disappointment) but, about a woman who hikes to regain her sense of self after a divorce and death of her mother).  The previous was shared for those NOT of the hiking world or recent movies.

In this boating adventure my other half is seen as the First Mate; in the hiking world she was also my everything (known to others on the PCT simply as “my Logistician”), supplier of food, lost tent, shoes whose soles needed to be duct taped to stay on.  For those lucky enough to have a similar First Mate on board, give her a hug now – of which I also need to do so.

Toblerone swiss milk chocolate with honey & almond nougats, SUP water bottle carrier, Omega Woman with evening primrose oils, white Arborio rice, even an 18 pack of pre-sharpened world’s best pencils for the onboard navigator (Dick/Doc that be you).

This and a whole lot more is what I found in her REI bag (thank you T & K) now awaiting us by the front door; as we set to depart back to the Wester Flyer (San Diego) from our home in San Pedro.

And now what final, final awaits us on the Western Flyer?  Visit with friends.  Some stand up paddleboard fun, but, knowing the First Mate, I’ll likely be on my own projects (installing the new 6-1 blocks, securing the scuba tanks, adding those new fuse blocks to the starter batteries, inputting those last hundred or so waypoints in to two Garmin chartplotters; while a whole lot of cleaning is going on.

Seven days and a wakeup!  Ensenada here we come!

(John, those boat parts for you are coming down unless we see you sooner)

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