16 Days to Cruising – Western Flyer

18 17 16 Days to Cruising – Western Flyer

Thanks to the First Mate and a senior birthday, we are now sporting a brand new Greco Stand Up Paddleboard board (SUP).  Of course, I found the great listing on Craigslist.  A major shipping mishap or careless forklift driver crushed several of the new model boards.  The one I selected (minor blem – easily repaired with a glue gun); you won’t even know it’s there unless I removed the topsides padding that was also an easy install.  New this board goes for $600; I paid $150.00; of course the carbon fiber paddle and storage case are extra, still, $400 out the door is still a bargain.  As of today, 10/7/2015, several more are available.  My fantastic savings and more was easily spent, several days later,  at my local dentist.


Third time out since my local (Torrance, CA) purchase.  Day (1) I paddled from the LA lifeguard tower at Cabrillo, by the bathhouse and out to Western Flyers old marina slip at Marina Way.  When one of the local liveaboards saw me, he wanted to know if I made it all the way up from San Diego “on that board”.

Several days ago my face starts to swell, my tooth starts to hurt and I go to bed with some pain; the following morning, the bone man determines that the pain is coming from my last remaining wisdom tooth.  Better now than on the passage southbound to Cabo I say!

The tooth is now extracted, other than hunger and feeling a little tired from the paddleboard, all is once again good.  Two dental implants to go and my mouth will be whole again.  La Paz or take the ferry to Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta for a dental vacation? Time will tell.

Update on another boat project – Thanks to Ciro of Coppa Woodworking I now have my teak and holley (it’s actually not but you won’t know the difference when it’s laid down) to fix the wood damage caused by an old leaky refrigerator.


The picture on the left shows a sample of part of the damaged teak and holley from in front and underneath my refrigerator.  All the above material ($40) will go to a Mexican woodworker in La Paz as well as the pin nailer ($35 at Harbor Freight) to make the job easier.

“After clearing into Mexico at Ensenada, some cruisers stop merely to avoid bad weather or to replenish fuel. The most practical southbound stops after Ensenada are:

Cabo Colonet,

Punta Baja,

Islas San Benito (the San Benito Islands),

Isla Cedros (Cedros Island),

Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay),

Bahia Asuncion,

Bahia Santa Maria (Santa Maria Cove),

Man of War Cove inside Bahia Magdalena (Mag Bay)

and Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo).”


Now where is that tooth extractor?  I thought I packed one in this “ditch bag”?