Western Flyer – Voyage of Exploration – Copper Canyon


Above is my first resource found thus far on Mexico’s Copper Canyon.  Even though we are still (just over three weeks from departure) my search continues on places to hike or explore, as we use La Paz as our first base of operations.

Thank you Dennis and Susan Ross of the “S/V Two Can Play” for the great write up found on clubcruceros.net   Link above.

Let’s start with what is Copper Canyon?  First, take a look at the write up below by Dottie Atwater.


The Natives

RESOURCES – Work in Progress


Our first exploration of Copper Canyon will likely be tailored on the abilities of the First Mate.  Then I hope to return with my backpack and hiking poles in hand.  (Rick & Shane or any of my past, present and future hiking friends, are you reading this?  If so, then let’s talk)


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