The Taco

I usually don’t know what day of the week it is except, that while living on land, I always knew that Wednesday was garbage day. Enter the taco and Taco Tuesday.
This is my second week of hanging around San Diego on the Western Flyer and I seem to be in the minority not knowing that every Tuesday is taco day.

How would you like to be the first to go around the world eating the worlds most perfect food? Too late, someone already beat you to it.  A history professor from Minnesota of all places, traveled the world for twenty years eating nothing but tacos. When he got back to Minnesota he told everyone that he finally found the source of the first tacos.  According to him the worlds most perfect food was invented by Silver miners.

This professor concluded that the word “taco” refers to the little charges they would use to light (as in explode) to excavate the ore. These tacos are actually pieces of paper wrap around gunpowder and then inserted into holes carved into the rock face.  When lit, they go baboooom!

He went on to say that a chicken taquito with a really good hot sauce is like a stick of dynamite. Obviously this type of dining is not for the rich or sophisticated pallet.  Did you know that lamb and pita bread are called a gyro?  But, when the meat ends up in a tortilla it is now called a taco Arab.  Add a little pineapple to the vertical mix of meat on a skewer and you end up with a taco al pastor.


I would’ve loved to have told you that crossed the border for some tacos but, I just can’t do it with a straight face.

Street taco truck


Last nights dinner – Fish Tacos


A 24 hour Mexican restaurant, about five miles down the road from the boat.  However, Sanchos Tacos just when you leave Coronado Island on the north side of the road is a classic for burritos.

Not fish tacos – Miguel’s on Coronado Island

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