A Day at the Jet Ski Races

A Day at the Jet Ski Races

Yes, little Timmy they do race them, and today thirty Jet Ski racers raced from near the breakwater opening at Dana Point to Oceanside and back.  Outside of the public seeing a bunch of guys wearing helmets out on the water, some on very loud Jet Ski’s sporting race numbers, I don’t believe the public could tell that a Jet Ski race was about to or took place.  Perhaps some type of race announcements or banners or our very own sports bar with media press releases might be in order.  Why not, if Dana Point is the foreseeable future venue for offshore racing (south) then there should be room between the whale and dolphin sightseeing boats and the stand-up paddle boarders for those seeking somewhat more of an adrenaline shot or more core hardcore offshore.  And obviously Long Beach (north) to Avalon and back is still the offshore favorite.

This offshore pwc (personal watercraft) sport does not exactly lend well as a spectator sport as say perhaps, stand up paddle board racing.  SUPs are also raced at Dana Point.  Today, I for the first time ever saw the Kawasaki race catamaran boat.  It was sporting a beautiful Jet Ski wrap of the Kawasaki Ultra and with a banner stating press and media.  In no time flat I managed to talk myself onto this boat, but wait; the driver now tells me he was not here to support pwc racing but a tall ship festival!  Seriously I say.  There isn’t a tall ship in sight yet; and by the way those tall ships move rather slooooow, unlike the thousands of horsepower about to be unleashed just outside the Dana Point breakwater; and couldn’t you make just one exception I pleaded?  And might I just add that the Kawasaki racers as anyone can tell are rather overly and abundantly and strongly represented!  No one has yet to argue that the Kawasaki Ultra hull is the offshore favorite and no one will also argue that the beasts engine is about as dependable as an old FIAT.  No way Jose!

There is obviously some type of misconnect going on here (press, media, getting the word out to potential racers, Kawasaki boat support) that I just can’t quite grasp but, from what I heard today at the awards banquet pwc racing at Dana Point is not only here to stay but commitments are already made (Hot Products) for better advertising and support of present and future riders, and in tangible ways.  Stay tuned or better yet encourage Dana Point racing by not bashing what is but supporting what it can once again be.  The economy is once again good and gas prices are down to acceptable levels.  The racing parts aftermarket parts makers are raring to get you going faster.  Just ask my friend Fadi who raced his first race today and on Santiago’s spare race Kawasaki Ultra.  Fortunately for Santiago neither one of his ski’s broke and he managed to score a plaque.  Fadi was stoked the entire trip back to San Diego and there is talk of future races including the Mark Hahn 300 and now the West Coast watercraft club has a race division?  With over 100 members I can see another ten racers easily added to the thirty present today.

Speaking of competition, did I not yet tell you that I once (and only once) beat John Belton, the racer, on this very race, him on a Kawasaki Ultra and me on a Seadoo (old blue) and on the races inaugural Dana Point to Oceanside run?  Hopefully this race was not the one that almost sank my friend Jimmy’s Seadoo as he was closing in on Connor.  This first Dana Point race was so long ago that I don’t recall the actual year.  What brought me back to that exact moment was actually seeing John Belton at the dock; no, not on a PWC but on a motorcycle.  Within the blink of an eye I was now seeing first second and third place finishers on the inaugural race (Mark Gerner, yours truly and John Belton).  Did I forget Kim Bushong or am I totally off?  No matter, I still beat Belton (once).  And as they say one day you eat the dog and the next day the dog eats you; random thoughts running through my head as I escorted Mark Gerner back to the dock while his turbo charged Ultra coughed and sputtered like some 1950s jalopy on bad fuel.  Dana Point is in Mark’s backyard and everyone today racing offshore should know that PWCOFFSHORE is the premier team to beat.  Pirate was present and missing was Paul and Lee, Tony and a few others whom I predict cannot stray far from offshore racing; it’s in their blood.  See you next time at the races.