The Mexican TIP


“I can’t move forward on this stupid form without those engine numbers”


The First Mate in her due diligence, and with the additional duties as the Logistics Officer aboard the Western Flyer is now attempting to fill out the infamous Mexican TIP, online and on a Mexican website. She is also the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Officer, Safety Officer, galley wench, supercargo and a myriad of other responsibilities while the boat is still in port.


The Mexican TIP is a temporary import permit on your boat or vehicle, good for ten years from the date of issue. Sort of a way to collect a little much needed revenue from the cruisers. Almost immediately she hits a snag on line and calls me up in San Diego. The recently uploaded Windows 10 on the home computer is at present a mystery to her as she primarily uses a Mac tablet. Once the first hurdle is over, and if I recall correctly she was wanting to give ourselves Spanish first names to match our Spanish last name on the Mexican on line form. Rafael and Patricia. And for our crew Roberto and Susana.


Life is good, but always better when you have a Logistician onboard.

Why NO I say. These people don’t play games; just think of them as our DMV equivalent. Recent flashback to my attempting to license our dinghy and Chinese scooter. My dinghy was brand new when I purchased it in Portland however, the California DMV wanted to charge me back to 2005, for not licensing it in California when it was new. $179? Forget it I say, I’ll take my chances in Mejico I say.

And the Chinese scooter that I purchased to ride in LaPaz could not be registered to me because I circled a zero twice on the title. Yes, I was planning on hauling a scooter to LaPaz, I now know the error of my ways. Go find the seller and have him refill out this new form, they demanded. Let me see a supervisor with some common sense – non found. Did I not yet say that the Russian student whom I purchased this 2015 less than six month old Tao Tao scooter, with a few hundred miles on it, on Craigslist, on a fire sale was now back in Krakistan? Another I’ll take my chances in Mejico reply!

Enter the Logistician Patti to whom every burrocratic nightmare or challenge brought to her quickly lights up that smiley face of hers. With a quick visit to AAA it was all done, the dinghy licensed and a new title issued for the scooter that was quickly resold and the $$ used to purchase a new tank and regulator.

Now from the TIP she is moving on to the crew list. As requested additional information for crew members is now needed such as their passport numbers.


Good bye Tao Tao. Sorry to say I won’t be riding this one in LaPaz.

UPDATE And here is the response received today 9/14/2015


Looks like our tip is on the way in response to my initial reply email. What it says above, translated is your permission, i.e. tip is on it’s way. I hope he or she had a good laugh at my written elementary school Spanish. ……and did I tell you how great it is to speak the local native language.

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