Osprey Nest, Machinegun Fire, Dinghy Ride & More

Never a dull moment around here.  And I can’t say we miss those afternoon Hurricane Gulch daily winds either.  This morning First Mate Patti woke up to machinegun fire and smoke.  All very appropriate you see, last night she rented on Redbox and (we) watched “Five Floors Up”, a movie by Morgan Freeman and also starring Diane Keaton.  And in my opinion, a horrible pointless movie.  If you saw the movie you would understand that after forty years of living in NY; they are now trying to sell their apartment for one million dollars.  The couples drama starts during the open house when a guy named Abdul parks a gas truck on a bridge (their apartment view) and simply walks away.  Suddenly the property values drop, by say $50,000.00   Oh, and I almost forgot their fourteen year old dog slips a disc and receives surgery.  End of story.  Nothing happens.  Abdul is found, handcuffed and their long time friend realtor gives them the finger for changing their mind about selling.  And did I not yet say, that the USMC were training just across the road with live fire.  All that was missing was LTC Bill Kilgore sniffing the air; looking out over the surf line and saying, “You know that smell, nothing in the world smells like that, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”.


And now onto my morning dinghy ride.  Serves this boater right for abusing this Fisher.  As of today, the owner will be fined or jailed or both if he attempts to remove this endangered species bird nest.

A couple of years ago I helped a guy named Scott take his Fisher 30 Ketch from Portland, Oregon to Juneau, Alaska.  The Fisher in the picture I believe is a Fisher 37; just the perfect size.  Once on the Inside Passage we obviously motored the entire way but offshore, she performed extremely well, a very stout well-built boat.




And now back to the Western Flyer for morning coffee and this mornings project of replacing an upper helm thermostat VDO gauge.