Boat Projects – Rudderpost, Dual Racors, Helm Seat

Boat Project 1 – Rudder post Stuffing Box Project – Dana Point, California

On 8/30/15, on a Sunday morning I emptied out my trunk cabin, removed the floors and tightened up both rudder shaft stuffing boxes.  Not because I was bored but because I noticed a very small amount of water in the bilge area and was curious as to its source.  I easily first wrote it off as to a possible leak of the water tank underneath the bed.  To my surprise both sides of the ruder shaft stuffing box appeared to be loose as the nuts could be turned by hand.  The rudder shaft tightened up a good amount and then was secured by the second nut.  Successful fix.  Note the pictures below.




Project 2 – Dual Racor(s) Install Project

This is what a dual racor system looks like.  This model, 75500FGX allows you to isolate one filter at a time for servicing while the engine is still running.  The handle pointer if in the bottom position means that both filters are being used; when in the up position the fuel flow is off; when in the left position the left filter is working and when in the right position just the right filter is working.

What you see is the inside of my engine room.  The aluminum panel I added while in Portland; just outside of the Rocky Point Marina near St. Helens, Oregon is a machine shop.  Just walk in give them the specks and they will build you anything.  I did the same for the splash guard around the new Force 10 stove.


Project 3 – Helm Chair Lift Project

On the Washington side of the Columbia River I found a farmer who on Craigslist was selling a helm chair.  It turns out that he also owned a heavy machinery excavating business and was now retired and more or less a full time fisherman and tree farmer.  The black helm chair you see is from an excavator; it is about the same age as the Western Flyer, made of leather and built America tough.  I purchased this seat for $100.00.

The only problem with the initial purchase was the seat height.  Enter the pedestal lengthening project.  For $59.00 the above adapter.  For $119.00 the footrest; for $40 the new base pedestal; the old one would not support the new pedestal tube.

And now First Mate Patti is able to sit comfortably and look out with the correct seat height for her 5’4 stature.   You tell me, did I come out ahead or not?