The Challenges of a New Cruiser

This morning I try lighting the burner to start making coffee, and the burner, no matter what I did, just would not stay lit. You just don’t encounter these small type of annoyances at home but, on a boat you not only put up with them, you almost come to expect them; at times even challenging the boat, come on, bring it on; is this the best you got for me this morning?

When a challenge is presented real cruisers simply just rise up to the occassion and just get ‘er done. So, out come the reading glasses so I can see, and the tools to tear into her but wait, let’s think this through first. A less than two year old force 10 stove, burner doesn’t stay lit when you let go of the handle hum? Another boater safety feature also not found on your home unit.

In no time flat unbeknownst to my cruising mate she makes an extremely crucial cruiser boater error!

“Let’s see if we can get someone over to come fix it, she says”

I just about lost it. What, I say! We’re on a 25 year old boat that I’ve been tearing apart nut, bolt or otherwise for the past three years, finally we are cruising and you dare deny me the right to fix something as mundane as this stove, really,  and before coffee and at a new marina (Dana Point) where I’ve never once fixed anything?



She quickly back pedals herself out of my way and brings out the electric coffee maker. A cruisers short hour later I yell.  Ahaaaa! Problem solved. It’s the thermocouple thinga majig over herea, I sound off with a proud voice.

Want to know how i solved this little hiccup on a less than two year old force 10 stove.


Step 1 break out the stove manual.

Step 2 Employ the work around. What anal cruiser would possibly carry a spare part for this stove, I wonder. Remove the part from the small burner and transfer it to the large burner.

Step 3. Sound off. I am a manly man, I have once again brought you fire woman!  Now come look and let me see your proud face as you relight this stove.

Step 4 Drink hot coffee from the now done brewing electric coffee maker.

Step 5 Go off in search of the next project with a cruisers critical eye.



“Why it just doesn’t get any better than this”

Me thinks I’m gonna like this new cruising lifestyle.

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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