Moving Aboard the Western Flyer

Moving Aboard the Western Flyer
Wednesday, August 26, 2015

“Once upon a time a man said he was going cruising. Everyone heard him and soon the whole world cheered! Hurrah! Hurrah! They cheered him so loudly that the man decided to stay. Why? What happened, they all thought?

He was supposed to go, depart, sail off into the high seas to end up in distant lands to experience new adventures – and then to share them on his WordPress blog, with those still actively engaged in working for a living and those less adventurous ones, content with the present patch of soil underneath their feet.”

The time has finally come to move aboard as we embark on this boating adventure often times referred to as cruising. Anyway you look at it, this boating passion, once it takes a hold can and does become a lifelong affliction for many – at least, it has for me.

To cure this affliction of mine my lifelong partner (Patti) and I are now embarking on what I will refer to as my five-year plan. This five-year plan starts out by first following in John Steinbeck’s journey to the Sea of Cortez, aboard non other than a fishing seiner by the name of Western Flyer.

But first, we cruise to a not too distant port – Dana Point harbor from LA harbor; then move on to San Diego. More to follow on Dana Point; where we meet up with boater friends Trish & Kimball. My poor friend Kimball’s recent ailment and affliction is now instead of boating is a VW affliction; as he at present holds a collection of four VW classics.

BVI 100

Not to worry. This cruiser can’t wait to move from the working on the boat part to actually using it. I (we) have never worked so hard in our lives getting this boat ready to go cruising. If hard work is not in your cards in your working world then you should really stay away from boating and just keep on working – for one the work is much easier and (2) the pay is always better.

“The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome.”

– William Arthur Ward

Yes, I wish I could roll back the clock and started cruising many decades ago; however, life has a funny way of getting in the way, and like mother nature, life always gets the last say.  For those interested, our present boat, the Western Flyer started out quite reasonable at $49k.

BVI 039BVI 040

The Infamous Willie T and Happy Days Sailing BVI Waters

However, I am not one to leave anything well enough alone.  Take our present house for example, one year into owning it, I began taking it apart.  Three years later this February I have tripled my amount of knowledge about trawlers and almost tripled her outlay.

Are we now into our golden years?  If so, please tell me so.  Five years ago in my early fifties I retired.  The first major expedition was hiking the PCT; the second expedition was a jeep tour from LA to the Yukon and beyond and the third, I now forget.  And so, that is part of the reason for starting a blog, to not easily forget, to document so that years later, while one is in their g o l d e n  y e a r s, one can begin to reflect on just who the hell is that old man in those pictures!

BVI 013

Is this a radical lifestyle change for me or my other half?  For her yes, for me no.  Thanks to one of four virile grandsons we have had the absolute enjoyment of grandkids, whose stories and pictures are scattered throughout this blog.  Thank you Chris & Rini.

Why an older boat when we could’ve afforded a newer boat?   Possibly, because like my friend above, I enjoy a classic and also tearing anything apart to see how it works and at times, putting it back together, but, never turning out, quite like the original, always better than the original.  One thing to remember in all this is that once you start down this road; no one can ever take away your experience and knowledge gained when overcoming anything new learned; be it, dog training, jumping from a diving board, learning to swim or changing something in your home to make it your own.

I began planning this cruise years ago.  So, what stopped me from cruising until now?  Timing.  Everything in life seems to evolve around timing.  And now, it’s our time.  And too much time on ones hands when one is as industrious as (us) two is also not a good thing.

So, just don’t over think it.  JUST JUMP!

BVI 122