Goodbye Boats that Never Move



Subject:  Boats that never move from their boat slips.

Take this sailboat to our port side for example.  Last August we moved into our current boat slip, exactly one year later we will vacate our slip and this boat has yet to move.

This poor sailboat has threatened to release itself on more than one over 30 knot blow of our local hurricane gulch winds. The lines holding the boat to the dock are all broken, at least once, they are now all knotted, retied by the local guards who seem to presently be on the lookout for two things; sinking boats and sneak aboards.

In our year long stay no one has once visited this boat yet the diver keeps cleaning the bottom and the marina continues to happily receive their monthly slip payment.

WiFi is coming we were told, exactly one year later it has almost arrived.

Hasta Luego Marina and Boats that never move.

And the best part is I was able to post this brief write up on my new Samsung.

Today’s project. Ready to go diving!


And I will also miss our walks with Lucy across this no leash grass strip area; across from the museum ship Lane Victory.


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