My Wife Decides to go Boating

Subject:  My Wife Decides to go Boating

Perhaps it was the self induced buffalo milk or the uneventful boat ride to the island (Isthmus, Catalina Island) or the gourmet burger(s) of Kobe beef and buffalo; for she is now in full nap mode and loving every minute of it.  As I pen these words the music softly plays from a newly found iPod and ECO extreme portable speaker; also found on board.  The sounds are lulling her to sleep as well as the gently rocking of the boat.  I use her wi-fi pod like device to get on-line and post these images and story rather than go on land where there is free wife.

DSCF2696 DSCF2697 DSCF2699 DSCF2701

Today, her first trip out since the Western Flyer arrived in Los Angeles from Portland, Oregon – last August!  On a hike one takes the first step to get going, on a boat, it seems to be way more complicated for some; unless of course you are wanting for an adventure.

The boat, dinghy and surrounding view looks great from all angles.

DSCF2723 DSCF2736 DSCF2728 DSCF2737

Just before we neared the main channel (LA Harbor) two USCG fast response inflatable headed towards us at attack speed.  Our boat was on autopilot, I was on the forward deck coiling up the lines and suddenly I find myself instructing my wife on how to shut her down.  She did great, thankfully not mistaking the throttles for the gear shift knobs.

The guys on the fast attack inflatable with the automatic weapons at the ready just wanted to make sure we saw the behemoth Navy ship heading out of the main channel.  Navy days – this weekend, and the ship was now heading home.  Note to self:  I really didn’t see that big ship as it seemed to do a great job of blending in with the surroundings.

DSCF2721 DSCF2691 DSCF2693

Guess where all the bait fish was hiding?  At the dinghy dock at the Isthmus.  It seems that they were all keeping away from that big school of tuna we crossed over on the way to the island.  There were so many (John) that they were jumping over each other.  Sorry to say I didn’t stick around to fish.

The gentle breeze and crystal clear waters are softly swaying us while tied up to a mooring on the east end of the mooring field.  Boats are distantly scattered about and five are nearby on anchor.  The crowds are not here but on the small town of Two Harbors.

Yes, we paid $50.00 for two gourmet hamburgers and two drinks, but, it really was well worth it – as she is possibly still inebriated and I am so f u l l.  Any safe voyage across any stretch of water deserves a little drink, food and celebration and the skipper is willing and able to purchase the first round.

DSCF2708 DSCF2711

Below is what I started working on last night.  Since I was not able to off the shelf purchase an express and inshore route with waypoints from San Diego to Cabo I started making my own.  These are the tools I am using to lay the course for our trip south with the other Baja haha’ers.






This is what I have so far when we opt for the INSHORE ROUTE

  1. San Diego to Ensenada (vic. 31.50.5N 116.37.4W)
  2. Ensenada to Santo Tomas (vic. 31.33N 116.40.69W)
  3. Santo Tomas to San Quintin (vic. 30.21N 52W
  4. San Quintin to Turtle Bay (vic. 27.38.5N 14.54.0W)
  5. Turtle Bay to Punta Baja (vic. 29.56N 115.49W)
  6. Punta Baja to Sacramento Reef (vic.29.50N 115.50W)
  7. Sacramento Reef (Punta San Antonio) to Punta Blanca (vic. 20.04N 114.45.5W)
  8. Punta Blanca to Punta Rosalillita (vic 28.38.9N 114.14.3 W
  9. Punta Rosalillita to Cedros Island (vic. 28.22.0N 115.10.5W)
  10. Cedros Island to Turtle Bay (vic. 27.38.5N 114.54.0W)
  11. Turtle Bay to Mag Bay (vic 24.31.N 112.03W
  12. Mag Bay to Cabo San Lucas (run within 5 miles of shore) distance is roughly 155 miles (vic.

While you were away; they implemented a new mooring pay system.  When you make contact with the Harbormaster on channel 9 they request your documentation number, number of nights staying, and preference of mooring fields.  The Harbormaster then provides you with a 1-800 phone number and reservation number.  Boaters are then required to call the number and provide their credit card number to pay for the mooring.

Hard to believe that mid channel she was checking her email, texting and just plain old engrossed in her electronics.  I very kindly suggested that there is a direct cause/effect to her self admitted motion or rather sea sickness.  I don’t believe she gets seasick or maybe she just forgot.

Hasta Luego – we’ll be right back!

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    Great trip, Damm Shame on the Tuna Fishing. I do have Lures for you……..


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