The 2015 Baja haha

Well it’s now official,  we’ve joined the sailboat fleet that leaves for Cabo San Lucas,  Baja Mexico from San Diego,  California.   This year the dates are October 25 to November 7th,  2015.  This is the 22nd year of this event and the last time I received a warning about how dangerous it is to travel in or offshore Mexico was only yesterday.   This most unwelcome news,  coming from a new (one year)  40′ powerboat owner warned me about banditos down the baja coastline. 

Why no,  he does not yet possess the experience to take his boat across the San Pedro channel and on to Catalina island but,  has visited Mexico at least twice within the past twenty years.   This also reminds me of advice received while preparing the boat for the passage from Portland,  Oregon (Columbia river)  through the infamous graveyard of the pacific,  the Columbia river bar and down the treacherous part of the pacific to our new home in Los Angeles.   Oh it’s so dangerous,  why just like week I heard from a friend of a friend that …..   You know who you are,  arm chair readers whose fear of the unknown is often veiled in their inability to decipher real facts from fiction.  

So,  if this sort of news doesn’t already scare you and my first mate Patti then we are still looking for crew to join us!  One or two offshore adventure seekers, not on a tight work schedule, or with fears of Mexicophobia,  or diesel engines over sails or offshore sudden forming tsunamis large seas or even large fish suddenly ramming or floating containers or ……. you get the picture.



Last year even with a late season hurricane brewing over 200 boats crossed the line and this year so shall we.   The Captain is well seasoned and somewhat salty and so is the boat.   Why he has even sailed the Inside Passage and jet skiied from the port of Anchorage down the Kenai peninsula and around Kodiak island over to Larssen bay and over to the Aleutians before getting turned back.   (Google trawlercat and wet dog race if you don’t believe it) .  I also obtained my USCG Captains license with Captain Woody of Lats and Attitude fame.   The Western Flyer is 100% mechanically ready and so are we.  

So,  if you want on board or to visit us in LaPaz then you know what to do ’cause soon will be saying Hasta luego,  we’ll see you, bye bye, bye!


Hasta luego I’ll see you bye bye, …….bye!

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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  1. trawlercat says:

    Awesome! Patti approved as well. Our search is now officially over. Patti will call you later today. Feel free to ask any questions or any details.
    Here is our fluid schedule: Last week of August we start our trip to San Diego. You are welcome to board anytime prior to the start of the official HaHa. We will need signed crew waivers from you two to provide to the HaHa sponsors. More to follow! Ralph


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