A discussion of Sharks

Sharks and Whales by Michael P.

And in this clip this first grader shares with us his thoughts and views on sharks and whales.  Sharks don’t really have the best of reputation, especially in South Florida.  All they ever seem to want to do is eat people, he says.  Perhaps his video collection, that includes “Jaws” may play a key role in his sharkapohbia.

Sharks are nothing more than just curious sea monsters, I say, similar to Casper (his dog) that loves to hunt the yard in search of lizards.  His really sharp teeth don’t seem to hurt when both Michael and Mellie attempt to use him as a sausage pillow.  Those teeth are for tearing apart meat, not people.  But, he counters, people are MEAT.

Aren’t great white sharks really picky eaters?

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