Cabo Day (6) six

Cabo day six (6).

Why am I now soooo darn tired? Possibly because unlike back home, people are not always in your face,  asking you and me to go on free all you can eat timeshare tours with free margaritas before noon,  or other more challenging tours like zip lining, atv riding, or more eating and drinking great Mexican cuisine. 

Also, once you change those US dollars into pesos they magically start, all at once, to look like monopoly play money.  I find it extremely hard to drink and then write, even though the drinking was only two Pacifico beers over a lobster, shrimp, fish combo meal, well over an hour ago; only a dove bar and shower in between. No, not the kind with quarter cleansing cream, but the American kind with milk chocolate wrapped around a vanilla bar.


So long nap, it is now too late for one or even a real dinner. Now just to clarify, Patti says i write a book, i say i write stories. A story intended to provide me, you or someone else with a little humor, fun, facts or motivation today, tomorrow or years from now.

If you are remotely a shopaholic or not good or bad at math, with a debit or credit card then maybe you should not come down here. Those pesos just somehow always seem to melt away. Let’s see, with an exchange rate of 14.50 to one and two for one cervezas at Squid row and fresh seafood and tacos, and then the timeshare guy offers you more, it always seems like you won the Mexican lotto.

Really, I recently placed a wad of crispy new pesos in my right front pocket and when I started pulling them out they magically multiplied. I have yet to find one that is wrinkled. Pesos are always so neatly pressed, unlike the US $1,s 5,s and 20,s.


My zip lining tour started at 9 and finished at noon. The oldest guy Chuck from Oklahoma was 67 years old. The guy was still in great shape despite his age, unlike the remainder of our group. Most required a special harness to hold up their rapelling harness plus a weigh in to qualify for one of eight zip lines, with a chance to opt out of lines 4 and 6 to save them from walking the swing bridge.

Tomorrow, pool time?


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